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I love wine. My dad introduced me to wine. When i was a kid and taught me how to use it responsibly and i still adore and the central part of my life but i also recognize that this plays a very negative role. Lots of others people's lives. And i see that sort of that sort of delicate relationship between a useful product that that makes life a lot of fun and a compulsive product that makes me feel bad about myself when i when i use twitter and i see in other people's lives when they overuse alcohol so i thought it was just really important to make the case that social media is like attention alcohol. Not because these things are all good or all bad but precisely because they can be so. Wonderful in the right doses. That is so easy to overuse them right. It'll be interesting to see governments which we regulate alcohol sales and consumption might think about social media use in the same way as well. Derek thompson is a staff writer at the atlantic as always thank you so much. Thank you here. And now is a production of npr in wb. you are. i'm tanya moseley. I'm robin young. You're listening to him anything this message comes from. Npr sponsor uk g. hr workforce management solutions designed to make employees happy when employees feel supported businesses. Become more than a place of work. They become a work of art. uk g our purpose is people..

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