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This story thank you from just done something with her next headline lambs impeachment a world shaking events the Hong Kong government primary responsibility for bringing called stay informed and up to date at the top and thirty minutes twenty four seven Israeli civilians settlements around what happens this is news radio eight thirty that's really what's happening here K. H. V. H. news I'm rich Dennis in new Jersey's governor says officers have been shot in a gun battle in Jersey city just across the Hudson River from Manhattan heavy gunfire could be heard from the scene sources telling fox news a male and female suspect have been killed by the search continues for a third suspect house Democrats say they'll draft two articles of impeachment against president trump accusing the president of abusing his power in of obstructing Congress Republicans are standing by the president accusing Democrats of attempting to undermine the twenty sixteen election results boxes jerit Halpern on Capitol Hill Mexico's president thanking house speaker Nancy Pelosi who announced today Democrats have reached an agreement on a trade deal to replace nafta that packs still needs ratification by Congress Mexico and Canada America is listening to fox news I'm Maria Bartiromo and this is the fox business report stocks are searching for direction on trade uncertainty as a new round of terrorists are slated to take effect on Sunday pictures.

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