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Any W. T. M. J. I don't know who you are six twenty WTMJ I don't know which one you're already doing we have a new phone number and all we want is for our loyal fans to keep calm yeah the new Acura mortgage talking text line eight five five six one six one six twenty well we hope to keep you engaged informed and entertained but if you don't tad extreme but okay seems our fans have all become take here with the new F. unit mortgage talking text line eight five five six one six one six twenty online K. miss your chance to experience the world's number one musical The Lion King one of the most productions ever brought to life on stage the lion king the February March one market center dot today the talking to my buddy Jim Griffin Jim you always say in your ads I love this is no better place to be what do you mean why is that a John in our dealerships we just don't sell cars we sell people of comfort and convenience and a fun environment to buy a car you know you hit on something Jim buying a car is really about more than by and four wheels and a piece of metal is in its choosing the right dealership we work to take care of that customer so when they walk out of that dealership they go wow and when they go while they tell everybody about their experience when I go into one of your dealerships I feel you I feel the warmth I feel the caring how important is that well it all starts on the top and I'm very excited to be in the car business now try to hire people that are very positive I want an environment there were people feel comfortable and they want to do business with us visit Griffin Ford Waukesha Griffin Chevy in Griffin help Milwaukee Griffin Ford Lincoln fort Atkinson or Griffin Chrysler Dodge jeep ram in Jefferson traffic is sponsored by Saint Vincent DePaul thrift stores Saint Vincent DePaul three stores highway one hundred in Lincoln Avenue twenty third in Lincoln great stores.

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