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90 miles west southwest of Punta Cana, Dominican Republic with maximum sustained winds of about 60 miles an hour. The singles a total for new career. A virus cases in North Carolina was the third highest on record Today, 2344 that pushed the total to over 120,000 Hospitalizations were down to just 1272 today, and new data released by the North Carolina Board of Elections showed applications for mail in ballots reaching an all time high this even as president, Trump cast doubts on the legitimacy of the method. I'm Reginald Green. Next news in 30 minutes. Follow us on social media go to one of 61 FM talk dot com to connect Roger that. Is the Senate show. What is cheap? Dr Fauci. What is vouching now Recommending? I'll tell you right now. This is something that my wife and I have already done. I'll fill you in. We're not doing it now. What? We were doing it extensively exclusively early on. Liars talking cryptically. Why is talking in code? I'm not. I'm just I'll get to it in just a bit. I'll make it all crystal clear in just a big welcome back to Schmidt, our number three here on a Thursday 808 01 89 99. The.

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