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In casey over needed to know like cranberry related trivia. We've got you covered So what do cranberries. Meaning dreams now. According to the dream dictionary to dream of cranberries represents enjoyment of a situation being difficult. I don't even know what that means. Now negatively yes kinky wisconsin nights now how to do it right now. Negatively cranberry cranberry in a dream. Cranberry a dream can reflect a wish to hide or avoid situation by using conveniently available problems all that from a cranberry. I mean truly yes. So who knew. They symbolized so much. Okay now moving onto my favorite the porn. Sorry that was giant fan bugged us. What my joys of recording outside you guys it. we're we're outside. We're recording Here we are so horn. Because i love corn casserole so much moving onto one. It's like one of the top products. A my home state Why from central illinois. there's a corn corn patch. That's not what that like cornfields like surrounding my hometown. what what does corn mean and dreams so according to dream bible to dream of corn represents abundance are plentiful. Nece so much of something that you don't care about any more that you don't care about it anymore. Or don't believe that will ever end. Negatively corn may reflect wastefulness or wasting resources. You don't appreciate the coroner's just sell versatile and plentiful. we cannot take for granted. It's in everything. It's i mean seriously. That's why illinois soap rich. It's so well known for its corn corn saucy. You know like. I said we should not be allowed to drink champagne or maybe we should. Maybe that's the key to it all okay. So those were the foods that i cared to talk about. Injury names Now onto thanksgiving dinner like the whole shebang according to anti flow dreaming the day of of thanksgiving may signify the need of love and one's life or the need to show more love for other. I know she was on to say if you dream that you're in charge with all the thanksgiving day preparations. It means that you feel. You are a bit exploited in your family. I imagine it also has a lot to do with the context of the draymond. The dreamer like if the has a lot of challenges with thanksgiving and their family and real life dreaming of thanks giving might be might nightmare like like. What do you remember that movie. April a brawl. Katie hough patricia clarkson pieces of april. He's april's all that was those espresso. Remember watching my mom and that was thanksgiving is already stressful enough wire. Why are we making network. But yeah no. I think you're totally right. If the dreamers personal dictionary we all have our brains thanksgiving and other family functions stress inducing. It's really easy for the brain to set a dream about stress like at thanksgiving at the thanksgiving table. I feel like dreams. They cast people that you know. Sometimes or they like they set your dream like location wise somewhere and i think that's fat saw could you say. Would you say that that. Probably we're going to be having dreams about anti margie. Yelling about trump and by an account being rack. Yeah thanksgiving dinner dreaming about it or like live. I truly well. People are living at this year. Friends it's pandemic. Y'all be having you better down the thanksgiving dinner for one. Please and thank you. The brain is amazing. Okay so not exactly dream related but does eating turkey. Actually make you fall asleep. That is a great question so short. Answer don't blame just lewd. Herbie gobble mobile fifty dollars honey. It's actually because you're eating a lot of people think trip trip to fan is the culprit and it just isn't so You know our our sources are like lot of star twenty dot com during by dot lotto twenty four extremely whatever so actually got one firm scientific american. I had to look it up because it sounded like the kind of thing that was like right wing conspiracy. And i like this seemed legit enough so i will use it cunanan. This is for you. Yeah all right. So i think it's fairly scientific though so i will spare as the details. Montoya goes into them. But each craig heller from stanford university says that in an article that studies have indicated that stretching stretching of the small intestine induces sleepiness. More blood going to the gastro intestinal track means less going elsewhere. For example the brain skeletal system so so combined without cau-. I'm sure that's definitely a recipe for food. Coma won't especially if like you're ending it with desserts and i just carbs carbs so yeah i love good food. Come food coma I also checked with the sleep doctor about how to not overdo it on thanksgiving so like indigestion or other stuff doesn't disrupt your sleep tim match. Okay oh what did i Michael j. bruce phd aftercare so here are his tips. Eat your food slowly now. Eating quickly can significantly increase your risk. Harper it's not only uncomfortable in the moment but it can keep you up at night. He definitely forgot to add thompson Yeah always keep a bottle folks and this. Isn't amelia tip as a person who suffers from hangar person. If i don't eat eat beforehand like if you're thinking you're going on a diet that day you won you're not come on. Don't lie to yourself. there's nothing you can't eat wildly recognized that you probably should eat beforehand. Don't like save up. it's not worth it. okay. I have never heard of this before like we're we were the family who always had lake. Who's bringing appetizers now part of the meal like you'll put it out and then yes that sort of thing and then when i got married my father in law would be like what do you mean. You're going to eat like Well we're not having dinner at four. So yes i will be having lunch. We're to be a mean. Eddie long from either all really quickly so yeah yes number two. Which are very glad you said that schedule them meal earlier if you can convince your father in law candle arrest of your family around three or four pm. I guess they're already doing that. This will allow your stomach to digest a great deal food Before bedtime making nighttime indigestion. Much less likely. I personally like this has bananas. We would have dinner around like one pm. Yeah so It works for us because you can eat lunch nap. And then you eat more. Is that typical for you. Guys to.

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