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Against having animals in our lives. And I think that's what we all want to avoid. Thank you. That was an excellent overview in why people should. Not, abuse this there are those that desperately, desperately need have to have those service dogs with them yes the rest of this love our pets but. It's not appropriate, for, them, to have that. Same deference. That a service dog is. Going to have so thank you Dr Robin I appreciate that you're, welcome you're very, passionate about that I could tell tell with the American humane hero veterinarian and hero veterinary nurse words I think most of our. Listeners are going to have contact with their Narian in veterinary nurses who are. In that clinical setting, the I know there are so much more that, veterinarians and their nurses do they bring. Help very definitely on those frontline clinical settings bringing that care but also bringing hope in research heading so tell me a little bit about what the American humane. Has set up and what you're looking for in an. American humane Veterinary hero and veterinary nurse hero you know it's wonderful. That we have such great nominations from around the country these incredible veterinary professionals who. Really, are dedicated to helping animals and we, leave this up to this blue ribbon judging panel and we're so thrilled that you have been a judge. And I know, you, have, favorite stories I. Would love. For you to share with. Us tune in debt but we want to hear from the professionals, in the space, as to what you see as a blue ribbon judge in a hero that Marion professional and that test is very critical of. Course there's a public voting period tunes the public can vote for their hometown. That hero which I, think is nicks it even more special I love, to see people who are so committed. To the space people who can be great spokespeople for the space tune in share and educate for example a lot of people I don't understand the role of a veterinary nurses, what does the veterinary nurse and that's a, newer term, applied to a vet tech space I think it's so wonderful to. See the work nurse being used now and I think having. Some professional be able to speak to the incredibly important role, that a hero veterinary nurse provides in animal health care in well-being really important and a hero. Veterinarian I think Dr Patty control from last year's winner is a, great example of someone not only does great in a clinical setting also volunteers on her own time for low cost spay neuter two Saturdays a month and then she goes over and. Above that, and provides a food Bank to. Keep pets in people's homes I mean. This woman, does does it all and her whole life is. All about saving animals and then we had our hero debt nurse. Ginny Hudson amazing young lady who has devoted her time and energy to helping..

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