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Go there by the coffee Cup, get a bag it liberty office Dawson three things, I think you need to know number one. Well, as of a little while ago, the senators are reading that FBI report, which according to the Wall Street Journal sources telling them there's nothing new in it. There's nothing that would ever stop cavenaugh from being. Kit. Well, you shouldn't he should be confirmed. There's nothing in the no bombshells nothing. They interviewed nine people the pain of your nine people in a sworn statement from a tenth and not a second thing. I think you need to know Mitch McConnell has done is procedural, whatever it is is that he does. And apparently there could be ready for this. There should be a vote to confirm him on Friday Saturday. There's going to be the procedural vote tomorrow, and he should be there should be a confirmation vote Saturday. And if MSCI MSCI MSCI didn't have the votes, I don't think he'd be doing this. Let's put it that way. Okay. That's what I think it loose. But you know, again, what the hell do I know third thing. Which is you know, it's a lot third thing. I think you need to know. And this is this is the giant miscalculation by the Democrats. Oh boy. A new poll show. This is NPR PBS NewsHour poll eight times fast. It shows that Republicans have closed the gap that was huge. They've closed that huge gap in voter enthusiasm with the Democrats. Eighty percent of Republicans. Now, say the November elections are quote, very important. Eighty two percent of Democrats sage very important statistical tie within the four points margin of error. Oh.

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