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Dot com search corona virus as we unofficially kick off summer this weekend pediatricians warn the stay at home advisories were following may increase the risk of child drownings because of the pandemic it's unlikely that parents are going to be able to find some lessons for their kids for the foreseeable future pediatrician Dr Ben Hoffman with the American academy of pediatrics says what that means is parents will need to rely on other layers of protection to keep kids safe around water kids are gonna be in swimming pools make sure they're wearing a costar group life jacket they're not good swimmers but it's not just pools even a bath tub can create a drowning hazard for children especially with care givers who may be distracted by work or other responsibilities whenever kids are in the back somebody is watching them constantly you shouldn't turn your back even for a second Sarah Jacobs WTOP news following a fire in Fairfax county this morning where a person's been found dead broke out just before six in the top floor of an apartment building on kings chapel road in Merrifield Fairfax county fire and rescue say they were quickly able to put out the blaze they found the body in that apartment after they did will bring you more as we learn it coming up after traffic and weather on a lighter note TV guides Matt rouse on the launch of a new streaming service it's eleven oh seven and now a message from our advertising partners Thompson creek window company has been part of the local community for over forty years it's important to support our friends neighbors and families at this time please check in on your loved ones if you need to buy a home in this unprecedented.

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