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Is Kevin Bacon, and a what's more likely with the NFL. So the last style bender that's based on on what? It's based off a TV show I watched the avatar. It's a Nickelodeon show. Okay. And Aang, the main character, he had to realize his destiny as the avatar by mastering all the four elements, which is water earth, fire and air. To realize his destiny, and for me, and this realm, I have to realize my destiny as an avatar by mastering all the elements of martial arts, so a lot of stuff in that show is all kind of coalition with my life with different characters, so even like a tough right here, I think the rough on my skin because and I have a lot of the tattoos that are relate to that show. Okay. And even this one Naruto is another anime I watched that really inspired me. So yeah, you're wearing that shirt, but I just picked it up this morning. Oh, I dressed up nice. Look, man. Again, you're so icy. I couldn't really tell everything. I just don't do it. You slip and fall. You got a lot of good lines. Huh? I don't want you to break your hips. No, I'm not gonna break my head either. No, I'm in shape. I see you. I'm nimble for 50 year olds. I mean, I'm not gonna get in the case. I could not, I don't know if I could do that dance that you did. I'll show you a little two step real quick. So you need. Is that it? Yeah. Well, here's what we're going to do. We're going to keep you for a television only segment. And then you'll try and teach you a little two step because I'd like to do that. I think I limbered up. I did a workout yesterday. In my left foot, but that's just neither here nor that. Sounds fancy. This is either going to be great or not so. All right, Israel, what are we doing here right now? By the way, you've equipped me with some of your eyes. Okay, so what are we doing here? All right, just a quick quick number. What I did, okay? We're

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