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The only thing that they could come up with after 6 hours of testing was that I was up above average intelligence and that I appeared to suffer from post traumatic stress. So an anxiety which I already knew that. And PTSD usually comes from a severe event in a person's life. Right. Yeah, I mean, like going off to war, essentially abuse that kind of stuff. But with you, it was being abducted by aliens, seeing ghost, what are we talking about here? Well, I wasn't, I had a pretty normal life, as far as, you know. I had a mother and a father. They were together and married for 55 years before they passed. I had an older sister, younger sister and a brother. Were lived in the Midwest. My father worked for Ford Motor Company, my mother was a stay at home. I mean, my life was fairly not, you know, dramatic in any way. I was never sexually molested or beaten. You know what I mean? We got spanked, but I wouldn't consider that to be a reason to have post traumatic stress. Now, on the adult life, I've had a tornado drop, a house on me. What? And destroy everything I own. Yeah. And I've also witnessed my late husband commit suicide. So, I mean, those are things that I would say I have post traumatic stress. And I think I still, I'm dealing with those things now. But before all this stuff happened to me when I was younger, the only I did go through a divorce, I was a young single mom. That was stressful. I don't know that that would create, I guess it could. It depends on the circumstances. I was newly single divorced young mother when I moved back home with my parents. Which is not easy, but you know. I'm thinking that the episode that triggered this post traumatic stress was probably June 30, 1983. Yes. It was dramatic, very traumatic, scary. Before June 30th, 1983, you did mention that you had experienced things all your life and so did your family. One sort of other things are we talking about where these beings always in your life are we discussing maybe other paranormal type events? Well, we had paranormal other paranormal type events for sure. I mean, we always had like what people would call poltergeist activity, you know? A little strange things like the time I was sitting in my mom's kitchen and I was with my older sister and we all smoked at the time, mom had one of those great big big heavy amber glass ashtrays. And I reached over to flip a cigarette ash in the ashtray. We're no hot cigarettes in the asteroid at the time. When I reached over to flip it, this ashtray cracked in half, with an amazingly loud snapping sound. And what end slid to one side of the table wouldn't slid the other right at the edge of the table. And this happened right before all of our eyes, and it's like, what? The actual, you know, just happened here. We've had lights turn on and off, radios turn on and off, hurt people walking around upstairs. One time, we were all awakened by the police beating on the door of mom dad's house..

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