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You through their locator at neon zebra dot com all again for joining us. Keep on keep it on keep on holding back your labor hopefully actual running with that all right. Yeah speaking of labor snuff actually in portland. Starting in august tenth was the was the nabisco strike that is still ongoing and it spread to other eighties. Such a good point. That's that's still happening. We definitely should have talked about that by now. It's i'm not sure if you have on the show already. But yeah. it's it's the it's the first major strike since nineteen sixty-nine for specifically nabisco it's spread to like four five other major cities started here in portland. We got the call. The whole denny. The whole danny devito thing happened last month with twitter on verifying him after he tweeted out support. We've had you know. Senators like bernie sanders and you know a lot of other people including including organs. Ones support the strikers portland. Police have come out. And you know taken away. Strikers nabisco's hired like an armed security force to harass and they've actually started attacking people who are striking but this is still ongoing right. It's been going on for almost for. It's been going on for over a month now and we'll see what happens. I think yeah so very good. Keep in mind. I don't have it in front of me but you guys should look this up And just check out all the different brands and companies owned because it's orioles chips a lot. Oreo chips ahoy ritz crackers. A a lot of a lot of these snack foods are just like the just like the free delays from earlier this year. A lot of these companies are the same company. Yeah so do your due diligence you. I'm really hungry and off. All these foods i also danica where tony newton's don't eat don't eat triscuits don't eat. Rice is don't eat bo- vida donate tire making me. You're making me so hungry. I house outing crack. They own so it's a lot. I it's maybe this is maybe this is part of all the problems. Just supply chains of making all of these. Same things reliant on so many different parts yup because all the same company.

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