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Ahead to next day of the the competition is changing with many teams in the final eighteen teams venue. Some welcome nations. How you going to ensure that the new Davis Cup finals still fails like Davis Cup? So what what elements of this weekend? Will you be looking to replicate next year? Well, we're about seventy five. As a way from the first round qualifying in February so exciting this time as we look at the twelve matches that will take place the twelve ties between the twenty four teams to qualify for the finals. So I think that you know, what we continue to look at are the positive things that we're gonna see here in in Lille pick up on on what we do. Well, we're excited about being in Madrid. Because many of the teams that will be in the finals are from Europe. And many of the teams have spectators and fans that that will travel the travel today, we'll travel it's a great iconic venue. We have three stadiums and Russo it gives us the ability to really have a top world-class final with eighteen teams were excited about that. With the travelling fans, we're going to have that atmosphere of home and away. The nice thing is, you know, for the teams the spectators come they're short of seeing their team play over the first three days. A couple of matches minimum of two batches she'll be some great competition. And some may wanna stay in continuous even if their team is out of the finals from a broadcast perspective and streaming perspective. Now the world will be following. Because of the eighteen teams that will be there. They'll be a lot more interest. Whereas sometimes the finals can be the two countries that are playing and the rest of the world isn't as aware as they will be in two thousand nineteen. What if you made of the reaction to the Davis Cup fo-, obviously, plenty of support. But also to say some criticism as well. A couple of people who involve this weekend. Paducah we ignore have spoken out quite strongly against it. Well, the we respect the views of players in what we love is the passion that the captains and the players have the competition. That's what makes Davis Cup special. It's not just a attorney that you're playing representing your nation. It's wearing the colors carrying the flag. And we know that that's very important. So what's important to us too? Is to ensure that the first round of qualifying has the the home away aspect that you know, one of the DNA of the competition and to demonstrate with a final in Madrid that you will have that atmosphere. You will be playing for your country. It happens in other sports, and you're not always playing at home. So we think it's very very important changes difficult sometimes. And we understand the responsibility that we have as the ITF to make sure that we deliver a top class twenty nineteen Davis Cup final one of the main gripes may be that people have with the new competition is the is it position in the canon oversee at the moment Phan of ember next year, people said that's not ideal Jawa Zverev, for example, said he pens to the qualifying and Frankfurt in February. But then to be in the moldy in in November. When thinking long term when is the ideal position for you. You've obviously created gaps in the calendar of an April. Maybe some time off to Wimbledon. Does it have to be the end of the year? Other other options we had a very productive meeting last week in in London with the stakeholders with the grand slaves with the ATP and the players talking about great solutions for the future. I think collaboration is very very important having a team competition that having the Davis Cup at the right time for nail it's independent. But I think our discussions were very positive about possibilities. I mean, the issue that we have really is calendar. Not just for Davis Cup calendar for the players and for their health and wellbeing. So that at the end of the season, they're all firing on on all cylinders. I've had many conversations over the past fifteen years with stakeholders in different ways. This was by far the most positive..

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