Superintendent Austin, Jeff Wiggle, Joy Saks discussed on NBC 4 News at 6


The majority of LA unified students chose picket lines instead of the classroom on day two of the teachers strike an estimated one hundred and fifty nine thousand students went to school today up by about fifteen thousand from yesterday the students want the strength to end this is just causing for students to fall behind. And I think it's a waste of time. They should both settled down income with an agreement. Superintendent Austin near says he's been manning the phone lines answering questions for concerned parents. He accuses UT LA the union representing teachers of not wanting to return to the bargaining table. He got testy with reporters when asked if he has personally show not to negotiations have said anytime anywhere that utility wishes to bring forth a proposal. No. That's not accurate. That's an accurate if you'd like to. If you'd like to get into the details of each of those we're gonna have that conversation a different way. Thank you very much. Any other questions negotiations are currently stalled and one person has been detained after two community colleges in Glen door in Zeus. Our placed on lock down this morning. I telephoned threat led to both citrus. College in zoos, a Pacific announcing the alert and telling people to avoid the campuses. Both colleges have lifted the lockdowns stitches colleges closed in canceling classes for tonight. It recommends you check out the colleges website for information concerning tomorrow details of the threat or the person detained not been released. A home at a guest house in Encino are damaged after being hit by a mudslide on Monday. Jeff wiggle with more. The slide was triggered by yesterday's heavy rain, but all three adults inside the home got out safely homeowner. Joy Saks describes the damage really bad..

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