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Because I don't think anything's better than bully sees turnover thrown. So this is the new. Are they sexier? Right. Randy Edsall. That's correct. Is Florida state's turnover backpack better than Boise state's turn overthrown, yes or no? It it is not, but I'm waiting to see if the Broncos will travel with. The throne travelling thrown is mind bending league. I agree. I agree about Tyke. Can we do a bonus chart interrupts no go, the turn, the wasn't. It's not a turnover prop, but the pancake syrup. Did you see that they take the shot of it. They take a shot at huffing of line. Coach, I believe, gives an offense of Lyman after he pancake somebody on the field, a little shot of syrup like he's getting a sprint over will. Did you say syrup syrup syrup? I don't know. I vary it. Okay. I think I'm if I'm going to sit and pause my brain, it is maple syrup. Is that good? That's that's acceptable. Yeah. Okay. I don't think anything's better than the turnover thrown, although the shot of maple syrup is pretty pretty fun. I like it. All right. So we agree here that both taking Boise state outright and once again, any school can do this. This, the turnover turnover with apple turnovers. That's a free suggestion here doing get on it. Let's go to Saturday, seven pm on ESPN as we get into our nightcaps. It is Alabama at ole miss this line opened at twenty two in favor of the crimson tide. It's come down to about twenty and a half or twenty one points. Let me start here. On a very basic level. Is there any potential any whatsoever that this game could end up being a shootout, yes or no? No, no, I don't think so. I mean, think about what would have to change between last year and this year. So we have more continuity, Matt, Luke. No, this knows this is his job. Jordan MU is the actual starter shape. Patterson played in this game to amo-, excuse Tomoe, shape. Addison played in this game super poorly last year for all miss the receiving core, the same for all Mr.. Little bit running a little bit better. Running the ball, Alabama appears to be even more of a juggernaut on offense in. That's without Calvin Ridley. It's early. We haven't seen them against the best opponents, but to in there at quarterback has given them a dimension that should scare like the Browns. How about we do that talk radio thing. Almost last game sixty six to three last year. So in looking at what has changed a m- not seeing enough, do I love watching this ole miss team? Oh, I absolutely do this. Is that what was the name of of e- Honda's thousand slap, you know what I'm talking about. Have zero idea what you're talking about a Honda from street fighter two. Okay. You know the sumo wrestler wrestler, and he's got the thousand, you know, the really fast hands. Okay. So basically where my brain is at is almost is content just doing that one move and not worrying about anything else that sound gonna kill you on offense?.

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