The Best Ads of 2020


You're listening to yeah. That's probably and the ad we podcast. We've talked about marketing media technology in pop culture because in the end everything is an ad especially this week. Because it's our ads of the year episode. Look forward to this all year. We get to nerd out about which adds stunts activation chains weird random social media responses from brands. We really liked this year and joining me this year to talk about it. We've got enes alaya who covers Performance marketing experiential marketing for edwige. Ian it is always great to have you here. Hello thanks for having me. We've also got katie lindstrom katie as a reporter who covers up breaking news and quite often big creative campaigns that are coming out katie. It is always a pleasure to have you joining us from your in austin austin texas. Got to be here and We've also got jamison fleming senior editor for membership here at ad week. jamieson has He's involved in just about everything H- here dad wake. And so i can't think of someone better to have kind of a big picture over overview and opinions on a lot of the biggest work that came out of the year. Jameson thanks so much for making time for us. Yeah accent. it'd be here excited to really digest very weird here battle tossing. It really was and i have to say of all the years of doing this every year. The ads a determining the as years difficult just I'll go and give the the can alert in the sense that Add wigs twenty five ads of the year Including our number one pick are all on dot com as of monday So if you're listening to this Probably monday or later. You should be able to find that on advocate dot com this year. We also did a reader's choice Bracket for the first time where we let. We identified thirty two of the biggest campaigns of the year and again ads and weird social responses. And even some political fundraisers and people really went nuts with it Jamison unload by you. And i both been watching edwige stuff for a long time. The level of this readers choice voting online was bananas. Yeah i mean the the semi finals between oreos and stake of guts. Seventy two thousand votes just on twitter. And i don't think i've ever seen any twitter poll by any twitter user. Get seventy two thousand votes so kind of crazy. When two brands with loyal followings can do twitter to say at least yeah that one was a crazy match of oreo created a doomsday vault when among many other doomsday scenarios happening this year There was an asteroid supposedly headed toward earth and so oreo created an underground bunker to save its recipes and Other things so That was up against stay. Combs campaign on social media against misinformation which was a very different kind of form of marketing. But they're following turned out in force. Seventy two thousand votes later. Oreo was the winner. Only i will say by promising to follow back. People who voted thing and then and then had a real struggle to follow through on their campaign from us. So as we record this we are in the final round which is orioles doomsday vault versus The princess bride reunion which was a fundraiser for wisconsin. Democrats really brilliant idea. They brought together just almost every Living actor and a person behind the princess bride Fred savage couldn't make it because it was his brother's birthday and he was spent with him but Everyone else pretty much. He's alive was there and As a really fantastic idea. So we won't know the winner when we record this because those are being battled out over the weekend but we will be able to talk about our favorites. So with that katy. We're we're just gonna go round robin here we're gonna talk about. Each of us has individual favorites. We i am happy to talk about ad. Weeks official favorites. But let's start out just on individual katie tells about one or two that you really love this year. I was thinking about this and just kind of thinking back to the ones that i shared with my own friends and family this year. That are you know. There's some overlap in some that are just kind of silly oreos already shouted out orioles doomsday camp. But they're proud parent Short film they released a couple of months ago. One that i just thought was really powerful. And i ended up sharing with it with a bunch of different people just because i thought it was a beautiful little short film and the story behind it was at the two actors who play a gay couple are actually partners in real life and it really came through when i thought was just like a lovely example of storytelling and then to shut up the mid west. The canadian beer brand labatt made some ads in that came out in the summer but it was like they had to completely reshoot their campaign so many brands had to this year. After creating a summer campaign that was not pandemic friendly and then having to totally start from scratch and there's was one of the one of the first stories like this that i covered in more like in-depth way they literally got back from there shoot for their summer campaign on the same day. That trump announced a national emergency. And then they that these two creatives just like created these really funny ads from with it within their own homes using like a power washer to simulate tubing and using a spray bottle and a little treadmill dissimulate like wake boarding. So it's kind of a funny way to pretend like these midwesterners we're at the out at the lake having a good time when that wasn't actually possible this summer over the summer so those were a couple of them now. Did you see that one griner. No no i didn't catch that one. It's it was by the burns group in and it's a pretty small like regional brand. But i just thought it was such an interesting pivot to use the word of the year.

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