Christmas in Holland


Let's start with what the holidays were like growing up in the netherlands. That's where lisbeth enhanced was born and raised. Thank you said. I should go on radio. Yeah i think so. I'd love to hear what. Christmas is like in your memory. Let's pretend your five year old girl in small town in the netherlands and christmas eve what do you what did you just do. What's happening tonight. And what happens tomorrow. Oh well you see for us. Christmas was really a family. Feast because probably you know in the netherlands. Originally we never had gifts at christmas. It was the real religious holiday and a family holiday. In my case. I remember my mother started. Prepare the house to decorate it and she had little planks and we put mawson eat with a wire and then we put all kind of green leaves like hawley and other little objects to decorate the house and we fixed it on the wall and we put it on the table and then of course we made the wreath for the front door and then you were hoping it would be snowing on the right day. Because i remember the connie fear the big tree in our garden when there was snow on each and my father would put lights that was magic and then just before christmas. My mother came up with the real christmas tree. And you know when. I was really very young. We had real candles but the clip ons real candidates under the tree inside the house yes and there was a white sheet on the floor to protect the four and then there was a basket with water in case the tree would be set on fire so it was only allowed to light the candles when daddy nami were there and we hardly moved of course because there could be a fire but it was magic to see all these flames burning and then we got it a beautiful dog and it was too dangerous so we had to put electric lights but it was still very nice now for a little child. Who is there a santa claus figure that brings the gifts that seat because christmas without presents because our santa claus is called sinter glass and he has his birthday on the sixth of december. So that is the real exciting. Feast for gifts. And i really. I would be willing to set up an association to save that son abrasion. Because i think it's the most beautiful feast in the world. Why well first of all as a child. You believe in santa claus. He is bishop coming from spain on the big ship with his assistance. Who are black pitas. They are funny dressed and are doing funny things at croats. They are little bit naughty. And you're scared of him because he is the one who could eventually put you in the sack if you hadn't been a nice job but year cintas class is keeping book and he's writing in the book if you were good or bad sell. It is very well organized into netherlands because about three weeks before the six of december which is his birthday. He officially arrived on the big ship in amsterdam and this is transmitted on television. So you are looking at it because you know once. He's in the country. Your parents will allow you to put your old shoe at the chimney. Of course many people had central heating of a problem. But you find a solution you put your shoe in front of the door or whatever anyway. Some problems for a child to believe in san nikolas because one hour later after yet seen him arriving on television in amsterdam. He's arriving in your village as well and so you say to mother. How is that possible. So then she usually explains you while there is the real warm and he has assistance because there are so many children like you. The real one cannot cope with all that

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