Dallas Cowboys Defense Steps Up With 3 Turnovers To Get Win In Andy Dalton’s Return To Cincinnati


Cowboys you know. Obviously the thing got away and and they tried to cincinnati. Try to get back in. But ed to put this perspective. I mean the the you've talked about all year that the cowboys are horrific at like scoring off of turnovers and they barely ever do it. And all of that kind of thing. It almost looked like they were going to score on their first drive a touchdown something. They haven't done all season. Something they hold with like the broncos. Maybe other one other really horrible team perhaps cincinnati. They haven't scored. They have not scored a touchdown their first drive all season. That continued the cowboys. Were not able to score a touchdown. But ed i mean to score seventeen points off three turnovers. They caused that. That was remarkable stuff. Even against the hapless Bengals considering or the cowboys had been while is only the second time in the last two decades of the cowboys have gotten a takeaway on each of their first three defensive possessions. Last time it happened was twenty thirteen against the giants when they had two interceptions. A fumble recovery on the giants. I three possession. So that was manning. I guess But yeah pretty impressive that this this comes obviously in a week. After which mike mccarthy made a he basically said they quit last week. You know we remember. We talked about the easy money touchdown at the end of the game that there was just there. Were too many guys who once again just like in. The cleveland game could easily be accused of not giving full effort. And mike mccarthy said he brought that subject up this week to this team

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