Taylor Swift Wins Big at AMAs and Say's She's Re-Recording All of Her Songs


Swift was the second big One is far as awards picked up. She picked up the AM A for the third year in the in the row for Artist of the year. And here she is. Thank you so much for this. This is this is a fan Voted award, which means so much to me. You guys have been beyond wonderful all the years of my career, but especially this one. When we've been so far apart. We haven't been able to see each other and concert. The sacrifice still feel really connected to you through music. And You know your reaction to folklore and all the ways in which your imagination honored that album. I just love you so much, And I'm really, really lucky because of you. Reason I'm not there tonight is, um, actually re recording all of my old music in because of the kind Oh, yeah, It's been amazing, and I can't wait. She's recording you re recording. So she positional the cattle third year in a row, right. The quick back story on the drama is that her label sent Scooter Braun, which she's been head to head with all the Masters over originals, and she said, Well, I'm going to just re record it and own it myself. Which good for her. I really do believe in that, you know, and I and I think it's important explained because you may hear like, especially older artists redo over. It's a re release of that. Why you're releasing you get the money so they can on the right stuff. So they recorded they just re recorded. It sounds exactly the same. Maybe change a couple little things. But they'd be really minor and she records her whole catalog all over again. It's like okay now now I own And so I commend her on that. But to be honest, I had no idea that I was like, why she get it. I forgot that. She released an album earlier in the year, and I think that's kind of the whole idea about Taylor. Swift people are like I forgot about you a little bit.

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