How Often Does The IRS Make Mistakes?


Welcome back. It's always a pleasure. How often Does the iris make mistakes? It happens. But How often Huh? Well, Frankie and thank you for having me on Hello to your listeners today. Um You know the left statistic I saw that actually was published. By the I R s is, um National taxpayer advocate who has to issue a report. To Congress semi annually. Good updating what's working and what isn't and recommendations as to how the I R s is performing in practice and On behalf of the taxpayers and Well, whether they're taxpayers air having receiving service. On. How long is it, taking to resolve things and just Oh, kind of Areas that the taxpayer advocates office is tracks and by the way that national taxpayer advocates were poor. Is posted on the Irises website. It's published on the Iris was website. Um Semiannually. The last one that was done of, I believe was at the end of march of this year, so We may be seeing Another one shortly. Um, probably just updating what's been going on during Cove it and I'm sure get back to your question. It's been done in a while, but that I've seen a statistic. But the statistics about Notices the ire. Rest. Issuing notices that are in error was 58% and that was probably within the past. Happened. Dozens 10 years at most, that that statistic was published by the irises, National Taxpayer advocates report that about 58% of Iris notices that we're going out to people were in a river. Wow, that's pretty high. That's a pretty high percentage actually. And now my experience of representing, uh, taxpayers in responding Of these notices my experience since that statistic is that I would say it's safe to say that it Z at least at this 0.40 to 50%. Still, that's just my virus. But of course, wow! Cover. Right? I don't cover, of course, the whole population. My point, though, that are receiving my My point, though, for asking That question was very simple is because most people As I am are shocked that the numbers so high because one assumes that if the IRA sends it out his courage and we talked about this in our previous I arrest numbers that we've done and s O number eight is today's the right. Confidentiality. Now it sounds silly, but wouldn't want assume that that is an important rite that we don't even have to mention is part of the bill of Rights, Patricia That's a great question, Frankie. That is a great question. You right? You were just assume that that is, um Just a given I I agree with you on that. But if it's not In black and white. And stated in our 10 taxpayer bill of Rights. Um You know nobody's going to be made accountable with the IRA arrest. You know if For example, what what the right to confidential Elia's Tech Fair bill of right number eight. Is that a taxpayer's that that attacks there has a right to expect. To expect than any information they provide. The I arrest will not be disclosed. Unless it's authorized by the taxpayer or by law, and by law can mean that if there is a, uh It's a procedure or a court case happening so such things have to be disclosed in a court of law. But taxpayers have the right to expect the I arrest to investigate. And take appropriate actions against its employees. Um or tax return preparers and others who wrongfully used or disclose a taxpayer's return information. And, uh You know, An example is A lot of people right now. Refinancing. Our mortgage because mortgage rates are very low and also, uh, the residential market, the buying, selling and buying of residential homes in our area of New England. It's just fast and furious. Um yes, There's not enough inventory on the market. It Z seller's market right now. Buyer demand, But well, how this a slice the right to confidentiality is when you When you apply for a mortgage or or an application to refinance your loan. Um, you get tons of closing documents to sign, but I want to put out there for people to be aware. That there is a form Iris formed 45 06. That you signed at your lender wants you to sign because they want to submit that to the I arrest with that form is is a request. For a copy of a tax return. Laura Tax Return transcript Transcript of the test return that that you filed and, uh so you have given at that point. Permission for the I arrest now to disclose to your lender, your bank your or mortgage company who's ever lending you the funds to buy a refinance that mortgage To disclose the information such as a copy of the tax return that was filed or the tax return transcript because they want to make sure what you're saying. When you give provide the mortgage company. A copy of the return your most recent return tax returns you filed. They want to make sure that's exactly what you filed. With the I arrest so there is a form and so the I arrest cannot disclose your tax information to a third party, a mortgage company or bank lender, unless you give a permission, and here's the form form 45 06. So if anybody out there is listening, and they're about ready to refinance ER, or they put an offer down in a home to buy a home. Look for that form. Iris form 45 06, and you're closing documents and now you'll know This is how you authorizing, given the iris. The authorization or permission to actually give your lender copier return or your tax return Transcript. Um, is this the tax return preparer? Uh, Cannot disclose or use your tax information for any purpose other than for tax preparation, They may be subject to civil penalties and it's the tax return preparer. Discloses or improperly uses that knowingly and recklessly. The prepare may also be subject to criminal fines and imprisonment. And you know, just all I could do is I don't know personally of any tax return preparers. Um, that A real that they have done this to either A client that I've represented or heard of any criminal case, But I will tell

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