Bill Gates, the Virus and the Quest to Vaccinate the World


Who gates welcome back to the daily social distancing. Show good to see you you lost. Join us on the show. I would say it was about seven months ago and seven months ago. Just like dr fauci. You said you will worried because you felt like the worst was yet to come a lot of people accused you of peddling fear and terror and now it appears that unfortunately you were correct. Here's my question to you. Why does it seem like we've become worse at handling the pandemic you know in europe in the us then we were seven months ago when seven months ago. It was so bad. Well there's a couple of things working against us. I is that with the winter when we're colder we. The virus multiplies more and more indoors. More so that is not a good thing and then there's a certain fatigue. Some of the things people have had to do in terms of staying away from friends. That's tougher i've to say this round. It looks like europe is getting better compliance with the restrictions than the. Us is so they're starting to see a downturn. When you talk about that compliance and when you talk about the downturn is part of the downturn like should we should we be looking at the virus cases or should we be looking at the deaths because i never know which one is more important than usual. Be like a million more people to me. Five million seven million and then you'll see some doctors saying yes but fewer people are dying from because we know how to treat it. How should we be looking at this virus and the fight that we have against. It's well the case is our leading indicator it is true that cases are translating into less doubts for two reasons. One is that the cases are more in the young people Who are less likely to be very sick. And the other is that the quality of treatment including some new drugs like decks method have been proven out so when you do get hospitalized you have a higher chance of survival but were predicted to go back to over two thousand deaths a day in the months ahead so for the next six to eight months news is mostly bad after that the volume of the vaccine will have kicked in and then we'll have a light at the end of the tunnel. Wow i mean the the question is then i think for a lot of people is like. How long tunnel. How bad does that tunnel get. And how do we stop it from being the worst possible tunnel one of the big things. A lot of people are worried about is going to be the transition between joe biden. donald trump. You know you've worked with governments all over the world working on their vaccine distribution working on healthcare around the planet. You know how important it is for one administration to talk to the next when it comes to Handing off on their plans. How much do you think this will actually affect america's response if if there isn't a transition well it's unfortunate that the current administration got tied into a positive narrative that you know we're turning the corner And that you now have this transition will make. The message is a little less clear. You know this is when you'd love to see the best. Cdc people on tv reminding us about social distancing and masks. You know particularly when there is that fatigue out there so leaders at all level. This is a chance to step up even on politicians. You know encouraging friends that hey we. We don't want this additional several hundred thousand deaths you know it'd be adjective. A person who dies know when the vaccine is absolutely on the way and so i think the good news should drive compliance not lacks laxity as somebody who's done work globally around healthcare for so long especially around infectious diseases. What have you found is the key to encouraging or convincing community members to buy into the measures that keep them safe where we had vaccine resistance with polio and they're getting the religious leaders to speak out have them a visibly vaccinating their own children for would like we'd never stopped polio in africa and yet now it's just been certified that we've gone three years without wild polio so activating the trust hierarchy and getting rid of the conspiracy political element to it and just reminding people you know in this case. It's about saving lives in that case it's about kids not being paralyzed people back to that. Very human impact. If we don't behave well. I think it will often come through. It's interesting that you bring up conspiracies because the conspiracy theories about you online have are insane on social media and social media has propagates them in a way where it's like bill gates is trying to create vaccines so that he can cook troll your minds and he wants to vaccinate. Everybody can implant change. People's dna is what they said. You're going to change our dna. So that i don't know we turn into something and then we work for you somewhere. I don't know the full story. I'm still learning it when you see these things first of all. Have you been able to track down where it comes from. And secondly have you. Even i know you think about these things you want to like the biggest thing because i hadn't even thought about like the motivation behind it because i'm always trying to figure out who benefits from a conspiracy theory and i'd love to know if you've put any thought to this at all because of how many people won't get a vaccine because they truly believe conspiracy theories yeah usually when you work on infectious disease like dr fauci and high do your your kind of obscure in a nobody talks about t be or or malaria so here we have this complete turnaround where vaccines and are they. Good for people are now front and center. And there's always been a small group of anti vaccination people and we see this with you know measles vaccine. They've now got a platform and they've sort of joined forces with some political and spiracy abuse and it's so easy to click on particularly when a simple explanation for this pandemic that there is somebody evil behind it. You know as somehow easier than you know the true biology which is actually kind of complicated so we have to make the truth more interesting. And you know we've got a label things with the truth and sadly the naievety about how to make social media work. Well is pretty strong. And that's coincided with the election and the epidemic. I wish i had the answer. But you know it's it's it's out there in big big numbers and hasn't it just keeps growing so when we look at the vaccine. Now i mean that's now the story you know. Now the world is waiting for the vaccine because the vaccine becomes the key that unlocks the doors. You say the lights at the end of the tunnel. The question then is how do people get the vaccine. How effective will the distribution method be and how difficult is will the vaccine short supply. The good news is that there's four other vaccines that are likely to get approved fairly quickly as well. The fact that pfizer worked so well makes us optimistic. That astrazeneca johnson and johnson vacs which those are much cheaper easier to scale and don't require that cold chain so we'll have a lot of scenes and we need to prioritize people. At risk elder people people working nursing homes and each country Will have to decide okay. Who goes first. That's still a little bit confused in the us but hopefully we'll get that straightened out very very soon because the vaccine is likely to be shipped a lot in the month of december as you said anti vaccine community has only grown over time. I think the us is now the biggest hub of anti vexes in the world it started as a fringe thing with measles now with corona it is fully fledged and because of politics it's been amplified so now you'll have some people who on the liberal side saying i don't trust that vaccine it was made under trump and then you'll have other people saying like i don't trust that vaccine that came from joe biden and the and the democrats trying to brainwash. It's a lot of people may not want to take the vaccine which may now go against everything we've worked toward. So how do you begin convincing people that the vaccine is safe like in the midst of this political crisis. Well it's clear that the fda through the professional staff. They're all the things that are supposed to do likewise pfizer. There's even an external committee that will weigh in just to make absolutely sure that the the political desire to get this quickly did not in fact the efficacy and safety review and i feel very confident because the people involved are are really doing their job. Well we don't need everyone to take the vaccine. Society will have to decide if there's some jobs like going to a nursing home in taking care of somebody's grandparents whether that person you know how strongly you encourage them to have a vaccine so they're not spreading seeing but with this level of efficacy if we can get to seventy five percent dosed then you'll block the spread of the disease with measles you'd have to get to like ninety five percent because it's even more infectious but the good news here is that we just need that maturity and i think as people see people taking the vaccine and they see that The side effects of any are very very rare. That confidence will build and that will be good for society because when you take the vaccine you're helping to protect other people.

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