Drew Lock gets start at QB for Broncos vs. Dolphins


In right now from Denver is Bruce Morton, where the Dolphins writing quite in a winning streak. And in Denver today to take out a Broncos team that should have drew locket quarterback is we check in with Bruce? Bruce, How are you? Hey, Pretty good act Drew lock is expected to start today despite an injured rib. Least they're hoping that he can start but that injured rib had something to do last week, with Locke throwing four interceptions. As for the Dolphins, they're looking for their first. Knicks game win streak since 2016 and if the Dolphins were to win today, Miami would be seven and three for the first time since 2001. Things are not quite as bright on the Denver side, not only of the Broncos three and six But they're looking down the barrel of a gun float over the next three weeks. Miami, New Orleans, then at Kansas City, so there's a very real possibility. These three and six Broncos two weeks from tonight could be three and 91 of the things they need to do today because they need to stop the ground attack of the opponent. The Broncos have allowed 200 yards or more of rushing into of their last three games. So That's that's pretty much the scene here. Skies are cleared, The high should be in the upper forties. In the stands, there will be 5700 fans at today's game. This At a time in which the city and county of Denver have raised their Covad restrictions and in line with those ramped up restrictions. This will be the last time in 2020, in which fans are allowed to attend Bronco home games. Wow

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