A great reception from motorists passing by which is not surprising


The back room's through the back doors. People that have died years ago are still voting. Well, howdy there Internet people, let's both down. There are some dissenting voices, of course, like Justin Kings and anti Trump blogger who posts under the pseudonym Bow of the Fifth column. It's not politics. It's morality. He fears the election has changed little in the South in the president is just a figure hat. It's the people that have to change. That's what has to shift That's where thought has to shift. Biden is not Savior. He's not gonna alter the American landscape just by being elected but is just in part of the problem. He's broken ties with Trump supporters around him. I lost a lot of respect for people who continue to back him, regardless of policy. So you know, there is the idea of we do need to Hill. When do you need to meet? Move forward As a country. You

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