Washington DC face Cincinnati Bengals in homecoming game


Washington football team. Taking on the Bangles from FedEx Field, w. T. O P Sports director and team Beat reporter towards Wallace. W. T. O P S huddle talks about the defensive disappointments for the burgeoning golden last week's lost in alliance as they ready for today's Matchup against those Bangles. We talked so much about the defense this year having to carry games and win games, right because it's offensive. Gonna take a lot of you going negative. Alex Smith in there and you're making Alex Smith come back from 24 3 down the fact you're going to Detroit, you should never have to score 27 points to win a game in Detroit. If your defense is supposed to be that good should be a good one today. Bangles Joe Borough, of course and Chase Young meeting in a matchup of the top two draft picks. The beauty o p dot

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