Barack Obama to hold drive-in campaign rally for Joe Biden in Philadelphia


Campaigns have their sights set on Pennsylvania right now. President Trump held a rally in eery last night and today former President Barack Obama is going to be in Philly for a drive in rally that's going to be held at Citizens Bank Park. That's where Kate, why don't we use Tim Jimenez is and he joins us live until you've been saying all morning. It's hard to see the set up because it's just so foggy out there. Yeah, absolutely Hiss and you know, there was a moment where you could see a little bit And then even more fog rolled for so it is difficult to see what exactly the setup is here at for this drive in rally, it'll be at this parking lot at 11th and Patterson, which is right outside Citizens Bank Park. And also across the street from Xfinity Live and the event is set for 5 45 former president Obama will be here but not the candidate himself. Joe Biden is preparing for tomorrow's debate. Because of Corona virus restrictions. This rally will not be open to the general public. Local campaign officials are handling the tickets. The former president being here in Philadelphia is just the latest example of how crucial Pennsylvania's 20 electoral votes are, according to the polls. Joe Biden has a lead here in Pennsylvania, but it's close. Even tightening, according to at least one poll. Reuters is post poll, which has bite it up by four points compared to seven last week. And just to give an idea of how critical turnout is Trump beat Hillary Clinton by 44,000 votes in Pennsylvania. Clinton got nearly 64,000 fewer votes than Barack Obama did in 2012 Carol. While then candidate Trump really outperformed Mitt Romney by about 290,000 votes. All right. Thank you. To him. And for all of

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