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Talking about cities that had the same football and baseball team name. The New York Yankees. There was a New York Yankees football team. The professional American football team that played and I think it was called the All America Football Conference. Yeah. And 46 to 49. They played in Yankee Stadium in front of sold out crowds. I'm reading this awful Wikipedia. And the Yankees appeared in this. This will interest Dave here. 1946 a F C championship loss to the Cleveland Browns. A score a 14 to 9. And those same two teams appeared in the championship game. Grounds, one that 1 14 to 3. So they were around until about 1949. There was also a Brooklyn Dodgers football team, and they folded. Ah, Yankee folded into the Dodgers. They were both Brooklyn, New York. Yankees. Yeah, There was some notable players like Tom Landry played there. Here's a football name. Bruiser Kenard never heard of any of these people. Brad Ackland. Ah, Ace Parker. Heard of Ace Parker. Yeah, Charlie. Thank you. Yeah, I didn't. I don't think maybe I didn't know there was a Yankees football team. That's A sort of back in the day. I was telling you about that that documentary I watched on college football. It was like college football. 1 50. That's how long college football's been around. And that was more popular than pro football up until about the fifties. And part of the documentary. It was the college All Star game, which Dave Logan played in. And they did a Ah, whole segment on the last college All Star game, So they started this Siri's where The college All Stars would play the champions of The Pro Football League and early on the college All Stars would beat him. And and As as the Siri's went on. It got more and more apparent that they weren't gonna win. It wasn't it wasn't a competitive game number one number two. The pros didn't want to play in it. The college guys felt but no, we were fired up. So I was thinking it was the last year, So he's last year. 76 or what? Oh, wow. They had a torrential downpour at Soldier Field in Chicago. It was unbelievable. Looked like the end of the world was happening. We actually I mean, we

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