Trump walks out of '60 Minutes' interview



CBS's Lesley Stahl. He sat down with her for 60 Minutes interview ended abruptly after 45 minutes, got up, walked out didn't come back for a scheduled walk and talk with her and Mike Pence. Then the president posted a photo of stall without a mask. CBS saying Well, she briefly took it off after the interview while chatting with colleagues have been tested for covert 19. Then came the tweet. I'm considering posting my interview with Leslie Stahl of 60 minutes prior to air time is what we don't Everybody get a glimpse of what a fake interview is all about. A source familiar with the session told The Washington Post that they talked about Corona virus. Anthony Fauci Trump's attacks on Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, and that stall pushed back on the hunter Biden allegations The White House had taped it so they could put it up. But of White House staffer told the Post. It was not that bad. He just didn't like her tone. He does post it probably boost 60 minutes ratings with your media minute. Howie

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