New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio going toe workout going to the gym and march


Democrats state's Republican States, Liberal cities, conservative cities are being overwhelmed with this. There have been five members of the Arizona State Legislatures have gotten covert 19 4 out of those five or Democrats. So it's not. Republicans aren't wearing masks. Anybody can get this. It's not a Democrat virus. It's not a Republican virus. It's not the anti Masters that are the problem. You know, for everybody out there Mad about Trump rallies. A lot of those people poured into the streets for for for Biden rallies when the election was decided by the press that he was the next president. So when you find something important enough, you go to a super spreader event to Gavin Newsom, The governor of California went to a dinner party in a room, a glass walls locked in a room. With a bunch of people, nobody wearing masks, including the CEO of the California health system. The utter hypocrisy and it shows everybody bad example. Bad example. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio going toe workout going to the gym and march going to keep on going to the gym when they were locking things down. Mayor Muriel Bowser from D C. Travel to Delaware to hereby Victory speech. Um and, uh, came back outside of the mandate about traveling Lori Lightfoot in Chicago. Getting her hair done. Nancy Pelosi getting her hair done. The Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney was spotted eating in a restaurant in Maryland back in August without a mask when they have a mask mandate the governor Ralph Northam, from Virginia. The mayor of New York, Eric Garcetti. Issued a stay at home order he the mayor took to the streets just one day later to take any outside police headquarters in a show of solidarity after he told everybody else to stay home. It is the

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