President Donald Trump is making a dangerous claim of voter fraud with scant evidence



Well since election day. Fox news is largely been lockstep with the president when it comes to claims of widespread voter fraud but some cracks are starting to appear. This is tucker carlson on his show last night saying they had asked trump attorney. Sydney powell for evidence voter fraud. We invited sydney powell on the show. We would have given her the whole hour. We would have given her entire week actually and listened quietly the whole time at rapt attention. That's a big story but you never sent us any evidence. Despite a lot of requests polite requests not a page when we kept pressing. She got angry and told us to stop contacting when we checked with others around the trump campaign people in positions of authority. They told us. Powell is never given them any evidence either nor did she provide any today at the press conference. Powell did say that. Electric voting is dangerous. And she's right with her there but she never demonstrated that he single actual vote was moved illegitimately by software from one candidate to another not one. Why are we telling you this. We're telling you this because it's true in the end that's all that matters the truth so first of all. Electronic voting is not dangerous but setting aside that falsehood. We're seeing the trump campaign getting pushback from tucker carlson. Fox's start to lose some viewers to newsmax and owen for those not up on the conservative media. Sphere explained with those those networks are sure and this really started to happen On election night when fox was One of the first if not defers media organization to call arizona for joe biden and That eventually proved to have been a good call. Although some other media organizations held off for for some days or weeks Because it was very very close But that that was an early harbinger The that fox news at least on some of what was going to be following the facts of the election which rather than a convinced the the president's followers oh well fox has it must be correct. The president has Has been messaging to them. Fox news won't give you the alternative facts that you like you should go elsewhere for them including these other networks that you mentioned newsmax and one america now. They are not as readily available. They are not carried by very many cable. Networks are not available to that many people in their homes But we have seen a very large viewership increases driven by The president's endorsement as he continues to urge his followers. And this is this. Is you know it's the same type of bullying pattern. That i've tally was talking about the president using to intimidate the republican party He's doing the same thing to faulk saying. You know i can hurt your bottom line. I can hurt The things that you care about if you don't go along with With this narrative that i'm trying to construct and so It's been interesting to see you know. In some cases you fox has pushed back very strenuously. they And then in other cases they have not. But you know when you've lost tucker carlson if you're president trump That really ought to tell you something about where where you stand in this fight well. Meanwhile president trump fired the head of us cybersecurity this week. Christopher crabs had publicly refuted the president's baseless claims of election fraud

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