Famed chef says COVID could cause 'extinction' of many restaurants

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World renowned restaurant tour chef and activist. Tom kalicki was special guest. Tom you said extinction event is that irreversible as it sounds it will be a long time before those restaurants come back In most of those most of those restaurants hers of probably won't come back shutting down our restaurants in reopening Tremendous of capital Just one of my restaurants alone craft which is my flagship is not a large restaurant But it's been open for close to twenty years now My carrying costs Fixed cost per month is about forty thousand dollars. That's before opened the doors would we can't. We can't run out of found at funding to do that so I i hope that my landlords and so far they are working with me. But they're gonna have to be my partner here and say we're gonna if i'm close for two months. I can't pay rent for two months. They're going to have to be okay with that You know there are alternatives to evict me And it's gonna be a long time before somebody else comes down opens at restaurant and so this is. This is the issue so many people say well. The workers need to be held up. Absolutely a workers. Need to be helped nashville. Unemployment was four but when we get through this. And i actually believe that sometime you know in the summer probably when maybe sixty percent to seventy percent of the population is inoculated People are gonna come out and you want have jobs that are available. If that's the point where people start thinking about opening restaurants. We're talking you know months and months before that will happen but if you have those restaurants in place and people start coming out. We hire people back immediately. Economy gets going but the economy's not gonna get going if no one can get a job. Goalies businesses closed. So it's a it's a process now going back to the two thousand eight recession. It took us five years to get to to Where we were hitting our projections that we normally would hit pre pre recession. And so it's gonna take at least five years to get there. Do you have any optimism that between now and the end of this calendar year they will be action in washington to address this. Well you know. The the only thing i can think of right now would be You know perhaps mitch mcconnell will will. We'll take a look at what's going on in georgia. Because one thing. I know about mitch mcconnell. He wants to stay in power. And i know we gonna talk politics in this segment. But i can't get back to it. You wants to stay in power. The only way he stays in power to win both season in in in atlanta and if it appears that he just sitting on his hands and doing nothing. Good luck with that. And so i my politics are on the other side but i think from a strategic standpoint. I don't see how republicans think that they're gonna possibly hold onto these two seats if they do nothing for the american people. There's a lot of restaurants in atlanta at a lot of people who work in restaurants in atlanta and. I don't think it's enough to say well. This is all gonna magically go away and the restaurants can stay open. People aren't going. I'm talking to my friends at restaurants in atlanta. that aren't fast food restaurants. And they're desperate as well. So i'm hoping that maybe politics will will play a role here Policy with politics will play a role here to get this done. Maybe that's the only thing. Because otherwise i just seems being a difference to helping so many people that are struggling and and again. I think we're all bullied by very false. Sense of what the stock market is doing. And we all know. The stock market is not the economy.

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