Episode 57 Asking Better Question For Your Beauty Business


Okay so when you start saying how can i make more money in my business. Well that is another question that we wanna ask in a different way so the way you make more money in your business. Is you solve bigger problems right. You become specialized and you solve bigger problems. The more specialized you are the more unique you are and people can't find it everywhere you look at you know used example like if you were to break your foot. You wouldn't just go to your general doctor for that. You would want to go to a foot. Podiatrist surgeon orthopedist right on that. Specializes in that special. The tiny little bones of the foot and how to fix it right because you want to walk again so when you're specialized like that people will pay more for that. The second thing is as i just said if you're solving a bigger problem you know if somebody know hurts their toe. That's not a big problem and it's not going to you know abandoned can fix it right. You get a little scratch. You put a band aid on it not expensive the bigger the solution the more you can charge and so that's a different way of thinking about your business. So the key thing is that i want you to start thinking about the questions you are asking yourself for your business so i often hear beauty professionals say like how do i get more clients like how do i. That's like the biggest thing i ever wants. Just more clients. It's technically they don't want more clients. They just want more income. Because if i could tell you if i said to you listen you could make the same amount of money seeing one client week or you could see twenty. Which would you prefer if you're just starting in. You need the practice and you need the pictures. You'd probably say twenty but if you actually are really smart about your business you would say well. Less people less problems. I just wanna see one person. I make the same amount of money. We wanna look at. How do you get more exposure for your business. How do you get more visibility for your business and one of the things is you are showing up telling people how you solve their problems and the next thing that you wanna be doing. You want to lead them through the buying process because remember as people are thinking about the problem they have. Maybe have sparse eyebrows. Maybe they have bad skin or they wanna have a little micro kneeling or facial or something like that. These are the problems that they're concerned about. Then they also the minute they think about their problems and they think of you as a solution they have objections. So one of their objections is going to be. Okay we'll will this work and then will this work for me right. Those are the questions that they're asking and the way that you get them through. Those objections is with proof with social proof and the social proof is going to come from either you and your experience with it and you telling stories of your clients. But what's even more powerful is your clients telling their own stories and not just a testimonial a linda perry was great. I mean that's not a dismal it's a good testimonial but that doesn't help the perspective client the one that's like i don't know if i should i. I don't know if this will solve my problem. Or what if it hurts or what. If it doesn't work for me that's not gonna help her at home overcome her objection so we wanted to show up right. We want brand visibility when a show up and share stories of past successes of people that we've helped and how we've helped them. We want it to come from our clients so it is actually in their words of them about their own journey of you know i was nervous to have this procedure but then i decided it was worth it and then i came and donna. Walk me through the procedure. And she told me what to expect and then so they're talking about it and it's going to be way more powerful than us talking about it and hopefully you can see the difference in how that is going to. You're telling stories to actually overcome your perspective clients objections and so that is how you build a brand. That is how you build visibility. You show up you. Let people know that you can solve their problems. You let people know how you uniquely solve their problem and uniquely is the key word there and then you continue to show examples and those examples are best if there are other people coming from their words and they can see it in the great thing about that is if you're using like video testimonials then not only. Do they see here. It's so much better than just like a screenshot. Or you. Doing a screenshot of like facebook review or google review or a yelp review. Those are good something definitely better than nothing. those are decent. But what's even better is when you have someone that has a video testimonial and they're saying it in their own words and when they're saying it in their own words then it conveys they gonna see it they're going to hear it and it conveys more emotion right so it's more compelling when other people are telling their stories because they're gonna talk about their journey and you are kind of spotlighting instead of just being like. Yeah look at me. You are spotlighting your customer success you are spotlighting. Your customers transformation. Which is huge. I love the idea of celebrating culture of celebration. We are celebrating. Our my clients wins and my client success.

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