More Than 19,000 Whole Foods and Amazon Employees Had Documented Cases of COVID-19

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Tyler according to blog post Amazon says that over nineteen thousand US workers contracted coronavirus over six months. Amazon says that that accounts for just less than one and a half percent of US frontline workers contracting the virus now over the last few months there have been many calls for Amazon to publish this information. So this is the first time that we're hearing from. Amazon. You know a specific number of cases infections at the warehouses and it also I should know tyler comes on the back on the heels of a report talking about places safety. So there are also called for Amazon to publish more information be more transparent around injuries at its warehouses back again, Tyler this. Coast Amazon saying that nineteen thousand US workers contracted coronavirus. Six months. Estimating, putting sharp numbers on it that way, Deirdre. Thank you very much, Dan. Nathan. Let me turn to you as we follow some of the chirons that were there. This was one point, four percent of their total workforce, nineteen, thousand US workers. But they say that the incidents within that workforce is lower than you might expect when compared with the general population. So I assume Amazon, would say it goes to the to the to the point that we are doing the best. We can to protect our workers and we're doing a pretty doggone good job of it. Yeah I think depot kind of nailed it a little bit is transparency over the last six months is probably the reason why though catch some flack for it but if you just look and see how the stock is traded and you go and look and see it results I, mean they basically one the pandemic for all intents and purposes their workers were frontline. Workers, they created a vaccinated retail supply chain that kept a lot of citizens in this country going at a time where we know that a lot of bricks and mortar retail were closed. So at the end of the day, this is a company has definitely faced a lot of criticism about wages. They pay their workers that sort of thing. This is just something. That will be piled on especially by some of those people in Washington who really don't like Amazon. So to me, it's more of a little PR thing I just think at the end of the day it's not something that will be focused on by stock market investors for too

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