Iowa State Cyclones get first home win over Oklahoma Sooners since 1960


There first and goal. The eight yard line party takes the snap hands at the hall of the middle briefs for that asshole with his second touch. Today You are clones of regain the lane every stall in the go ahead ahead score score eight eight yard yard run run with with just just over over four four minutes minutes to to go. go. A A sheen. sheen. Young Young intercepted intercepted Spencer Spencer rattler rattler in in the the end end zone zone number number 18, 18, Oklahoma's Oklahoma's final final drive drive in in Iowa Iowa State. State. Stuns, the sooner it's like 11 in water knocked over since 2017. They have defeated Oklahoma in aims for the first time since right after J. F. K was elected. On before I was born. It's been 60 years. Psychlos defeat the Sooners. The name's 37 to 30, the final there to go in the big 12 conference as John Walters Lear Field. I am G College with that final called 37. 30 Ease your final Count Cyclones first win over Oklahoma in Ames. Since 1960. The Sooners beaten at home by Kansas State last week, losing back to back regular season games for the first time since 1999 and likely and their hopes for 1/4 straight college football playoff appearance dashed already their head coach Lincoln Riley, had some opportunities I thought they're supposed to in the first half to really gain some separation. We were playing good ball, just not great ball and had some No chances to separate against a good team on the road, which you know when you're a great team. You take advantage of those and we were not quite area and came down the back and forth game. You know, a couple places we didn't make. You know some of the key plays. I mean, seven kicks in those field goals that we dropped two for sure Touchdown passes, You know, That certainly hurts really did a good job against the run game in the first half. We didn't do a very good job against Hall in the second half of a couple key penalties, and then you know, the biggest single play was probably the kickoff return just because we had so much Well, minimum after the turnover and touch down, you know, that was a that was a huge individual play. So a couple tough calls. It didn't go away. That's part of life on the road and on and again, you know, one place short and so absolutely our backs against the wall. Here is a football team. We know that we understand that we accept that our guys are hurt. Also, guys in our room and experienced, you know, start to a season like this. It is still about how you how you response and I believe I know how this group will. All right. Here's what it amounts to Iowa State snaps a 24 game home losing streak against Oklahoma, the longest such streak vs single Opponent The AP poll ERA dating back to 1936. Oklahoma Falls the owing to a big 12 play for the first time since 1998 that last year before Bob Stoops became Head coach First top 10

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