Eye Contact (MM #3484)


The Maisonette with Kevin Nation. I saw a celebrity news item the other day that I just shook my head actress Jessica. Alba was talking about the fact that when she was on with the Hills 90210 back in the early nineties mid-nineties. She was on just starting out in her career and was on as a kind of a guest actress for a couple of episodes and was instructed not to make eye contact with any of the Stars either behind the scenes are while on camera earlier this year. We heard all about the backstage world of the Ellen DeGeneres television show where people aren't allowed to make eye contact with her either and I just kind of shake my head. I've actually heard that through the country music off for a couple of artists. I won't name them cuz they're still going strong and I don't know if it's actually true but they've said you weren't supposed to make eye contact with them backstage unless you were told to it's just kind of sad to me I contact is very important. Let them know you respect them. You acknowledge them and you can make eye contact without going any further. It's kind of a sign respect released. I think it is but I think we're going to see more and more of those about Bad actors if you will about bad celebrities because right now that's the world we're living in bath.

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