The SEC is ready to give us the college football weekend we've been waiting for


Through four weeks. It's been odd guys. It's been odd as the SEC returned last week. Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi State, Auburn, Texas A and M Tennessee. They all won this past Saturday. But it's really fun. Because of course, if you're con football fan, you are in the right spot. 312332 ESPN 3323776 our phone number to keep you company, but it's a couple of hours of college football fan. This is your show as we do it every Saturday as we take a look at him at the winds for the S E. C. And based on what I know now. Based on the first four weeks of the college football season, Clemson seems to be the odds on favorite Alabama and Florida also looked very powerful offensively and the Sun Bella's fun That's what I've learned so far. The first four weeks of God football season. Yeah, I think you know, two teams came out rolling, right, Thie Alabama Pawn definitely intended and claims and so far, you know, you get Georgia kind of tripped up a little bit, but ultimately won that game. Oklahoma loses a game. So you've got teams that you know, may look a little bit off because it's their first game because there's no there's no cupcake. There's no you're not eating your dessert first. You know, you're not getting the Citadel. You're not getting your directional school where you get to kind of play and, you know, work some things out with your offense, Lis, you're playing Missouri. In your your Alabama. But ultimately, you know, this season is just going to be one hit after the other. I mean, you mentioned we talked about it before the show. You've got Georgia and Arkansas last week. George has to come back and then Auburn this week. You know it. The hits don't stop because you're playing a conference scheduled Oklahoma loses. They've got Iowa State today. You know, like it's going to be another spot where Oklahoma might have to battle and try to win a shootout game like they usually try to do. And now they have a lost. Texas has to rally in play overtime game and come back and win that game. So you know, it's Ah, It's great for college football fans, because every weekend you feel like there's great games all over the schedule, but at the same time the college football playoff it might be up in the air because some of these teams like we penciled in Oklahoma, but now But the X through that Texas might be in there. Alabama has a big game against Texas A and M Today, So it's just great for college football fans because you see good matchups every single week. What resonates with you most about the season so far. Well, you know, I thought last weekend was the first weekend that really felt like college football was back. And I think a lot of that has to do with the SEC. And I feel like we watch college football because of all of our different favorite teams, and we all come together in this great melting pot here in Chicago, a lot of big 10 flavor and I know for those who went to big 10 schools. We will see a little bit more of that variety. Once the big 10 starts playing, but to me, Ah, lot of the fun with college football. Is the appreciation for college football in the South. And what we saw last week was some fans in the stands. But teams in the south playing in their good matchups, like acknowledges mention, Ah, whole heck of a lot of good matchups today. Auburn, Georgia. We have Texas Am and Alabama both ranked matchups. I think to me what resonates is it was uncertain we would get to college football this year. It has started. It has begun. And now we're starting to get some good weekends of college football. I was thrilled with what I saw last week on the field. It was a lot of fun. You mentioned Oklahoma Abdullah. I don't know if it's necessarily going to be a shootout, but they're in for one today against Iowa State. I was taken beat them, especially a Spencer Rattler has three more in receptions like he did last week. So I think there's a lot of good matchups a lot of good, intriguing storylines, and we have college football back. So to me, what resonates is the first couple weeks seemed a little spotty. Ah, Here's a North Carolina. Oh, here's just one or two, a Notre Dame game, right? Okay, well, we have another full schedule of SEC. Big 12 A CC football today. The only thing that's missing is that late night creep like that we all love when you get back from the bars at 11, 30 midnight, one AM, and there's still a college football game going on after dark. That's the only thing that's missing Everything else for the moment to me feels like college football's back, and that's what

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