556: Video Conferencing Deep Dive, with Liana Lehua

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Hello everyone. This is David sparks but I'm joined today by Mr Stephen, Hackett? Stephen couldn't make it. He wore himself out gang. He raised almost four hundred thousand dollars for charity over the last month and I told him he got the day off. So Sivas out here. But the good news is I'm not alone join with me is a Mac. POW USERS ALUMNI welcome back to the show Leon on the Hula. Thank you a low hall. Always good to be back. I stocked you I'm sorry that's our missing Stephen but that was a lot of work. He did just want to say congratulations on that fundraiser for St. Jude. That's pretty. Amazing. You know it's like now that he's not here I can just say is it weird to be proud of your friend but I mean I'm proud of that guy man he with his ideas ray so much money and but he did he is war out I I talked to him and I'm like man just take the death go go to bed. Leon. I. Got this well, you are. Back, and I'm so glad to have you back Leon who is a good friend of mine in addition to being a frequent guest on the Mac power so we get to talk technology all the time and I know there's a bunch of stuff you're doing that I think the audience would like to hear about. So why don't we start out with? You know where's your gear these days? Well, my gear. Let me also give for anybody WHO's not familiar with with what I do is might my background is in broadcast? I've spent many years. Doing location broadcast dreams all around the world in some really cool places and so I've spent a little bit of time. In the last several years consulting with companies in helping people create content. So I use different kinds of gear sometimes, it's earned till year, but for my I personally gear and what usually works I actually want to interrupt because I did a better job podcasting than me explain to you are I just assumed everybody knew you've been on the show before but but Liana streaming for like big names and if you ever get meet Leona, there's this thing she does where you'll be talking to her and you'll insert name of famous. Politician or president or whoever, and then she'll say, Oh yeah. Yeah I met that person when I did their stream and it's just crazy how many people Liana has done these streams for. I mean, you've flown all over the world and it's really Really Authority on that stuff I did spend quite a bit of time an absence Super Geeky, friends that spent a lot of time that he spent a lot of time with as well, and so I was the right crowd at the right time and really got zip to speed in some stuff and just a little bit of a background. On that briefly. To get a sense of where we were before Google plus hangouts existed we were Google plus hangouts in a very. If I'm going to admit very clumsy way, but it turned into Youtube live. So now that you can go to youtube impressed that record button was definitely part of the development of all of that. So just to get a sense of where we were. So did a lot of testing and in in. Real. Life use cases for everywhere from. Obama White House to you the British Olympic team two CERNAN. Switzerland. So we did a lot of fun stuff. Yeah. It's it's crazy and I love hearing those stories. We'll share a few of them to extend you can. And also for the -ympia plus listeners, the the more -ympia sewed Leon and I talk little Disneyland 'cause in addition to being apple nerds together. Liana also used to work for Mickey and we have some pretty funny stories for that but. Bacteria gear where are you these days? Inside Southern California and it's a spin an interesting time in so. Personally. I do a couple of things for for the decline said I have it and it just depends. But sometimes we have to rank gear for the larger events but we haven't had to do that at least in the last several months and so my personal gear does fits the bill. What people are trying to do now is you know reach our Youtube and INSTAGRAM and TIKTOK and. Mostly using my phone works, but I go a little bit further into make things a little bit future-proof I do shoot four K. using some Sony Equipment Sony a seven three right now, and that's like the the the core of the gear, and then all of the audio year not stuff around. So it fits in a pillock and fifteen case. So right? Now. Traveling Pretty Light. But yeah it like I said in in a lot of times when I'm teaching different clients now is one more record something and high quality for them. Again to future proof it to an extent when people talking about six Kim eight K. but nobody has expanded TV. So I'm the same shoot four K. had future-proof it but really. downsizing. Everything to ten eighty to make it. You know much more bite size pieces and and they can get it up on knee to. Or again, any of those other platforms talking about very quickly and they can do it on their own devices. And we? We've got a whole segment planned for the show today where Leon is going to Kinda walk you through whether you're just doing zoom call with your family or you've got work stuff going has got some really great ideas and tips to improve that so that we're going to cover that today. But I also wanted to just kind of go over because I haven't talked to you about this stuff for a while. And just in prepping for today show I learned something about you that I didn't know in terms of your gear but you know what? What MACs IPADS whatever you carry. A sure. So There have been instances where if I'm doing a job after turnaround quickly and I don't WanNa Fuss I've rented. were. Current. Honestly, what I'm using now is in mid twenty, twelve, macbook, pro retina. It screams for what I need it for and we were talking about this recently as I'm still on a I in ipad pro to point nine inch and I'm having a hard time justifying grading either however. I'm super interested in the Silicon Mac, in the new IPAD pros.

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