Recap: Trump's NBC Town Hall And Biden's ABC Town Hall


Town halls. Last night, ABC News George Stephanopoulos posting Joe Biden, the former vice president of the United States, now the Democrat nominee for president, Donald Trump. Meanwhile, the president of the United States was on NBC with Savannah Guthrie. Yes, There was no debate last night. Yes, it was cancelled by the debate commission. Yes, Steve Scully, the guy who was supposed to moderate the debate. It turns out, he lied about being hacked on his Twitter account. So his life isn't going too well right now, but we still got a debate. Savannah, Guthrie and President Trump were debating one another for almost the entire town hall. They were just cats and dogs all over each other the entire time. Very little time for voters toe get a chance to question the president of the United States. Although there was a funny moment. 27 listen to this woman. She's a Biden lead leaning Supporter, writes that she's leaning towards Joe Biden. Her name is Paulette Dale. And here's what she had to say the moment she had a chance to question the president of the United States question. Evening, Mr President, I have to say you have a great smile. The guy's hands. You're so handsome when you smile. Thanks. Mom was totally fan Girling. She was She was like Backstreet Boys, just like boy banding all over again, you know I don't think she's voting for Biden. I just have this hunch again. There's another producer who I think lost a jobless. There's a lot of unemployment to based on the town hall last night. It's still funny. And by the way she was being attacked, of course, like because everything is the next potential crisis. Everything's all out war. You're never allowed. Teo. You know, you give comfort to the enemy. So just You have a great smile. You should smile more. I love your smile and being destroyed for that. Well, that's a big thing on the left. You don't tell her where I'm tired of being constantly told that I should smile more because you never tell menace smile more that That's a thing for the For the women on the left. Yeah, well, maybe she was two birds. One stone She got in there last night, and it made it Was added a couple of men to the smile equation, adding President Trump to it. Oh, and last night. Also Joe Biden remember facing off against Stephanopoulos. This was a tough one cut 40. You know? Finally, Finally we get to the issue of Hunter Biden in a national setting. Here's that moment last night. That's right now it didn't come up at all. We've sighted and Garfunkel were there. How did I miss this? Nobody. Simon Garfunkel in the entire 90 minutes. 30 different question. Town Hall. Joe Biden doesn't get a single one about the newly emerging evidence that he appears tohave corrupted American foreign policy to the benefit of his family's financial interests. Not a single question about this last night, not a surprise. But ABC. Throws in with on overwhelming effort by the media and the big tech companies to suppress an important story that the New York Post has been breaking every single day for the last couple days. No, it was. It was just so amazing. And I'm glad that I watched them separately. Just because for me, I don't have the ability to just pay attention. Both. I'm afraid, miss something. So, Watson separately, I will say, though. A job in town hall. I just started playing a game on my phone because they would ask a question. And Joe Biden would start answering the question. And then he would meander through a whole bunch of different topics. Everything that was going on in his head. He would meander all over the place. I was waiting for the big giant, you know, Biden Gaff which wasn't there didn't happen. I'm just gonna float this and I could be 100% wrong. So this is just a thought that has gone through my head last night. He He was just talking so much. I thought somebody put him on Ritalin. He was just just going and go. He was taking like Barack Obama length to answer a question. Yeah, they say that he stayed for 30 minutes after the town hall and kept answering questions. He kept talking forever. ABC never heard that footage released it by the way they should. If he have cameras and a microphone on him. We should see the footage of his Q and a with the voters after that thing was done last night released Joe Biden. I do want to get to this. This. He was asked about court packing last night. Cut 45 with George Stephanopoulos. Here is here is his new answer on court packing. How about that question of expanding the court hears what you said exactly one year ago tonight at a Democratic debate, he said, I would not get into court packing. I would not packed the court. That's not what you're saying Now is the nomination of Judge Barrett Reason enough to rethink your position. What is the nomination and what I wanted to do? George? You know if I had answered the question directly, then all the focus is beyond what's Biden going to do? If he wins instead of on? Is it appropriate? What is going on now? And it should stay. This is the thing that the president loves to do always take our eye off the ball. What's his state? One of these, Peter suggested is and there's a number of constitutional scholars have suggested as well that there are at least 45 options that are available to determine whether or not you could change the way in which the court lifetime appointment takes place. Consistent, arguably. With the Constitution. I have not been a fan of court packing because I think it just generates what will happen every whoever wins. It just keeps moving in a way that is inconsistent with what is going to be manageable. So you're still not a fan, but I'm not a fan of Don't say it depends on how this turns out. Howie wins but how it's handled how it's handled. There's a hostage crisis. You don't play by my rules on packing the court how it's handled. What does that mean? We know how it's going to be handled. There's a vote on the 22nd. She's going to get confirmed me how it's going to be handled. He? That is about the clearest indication he's given yet that he intends to pack the court. Yeah, he said last night he is open to packing the United States Supreme Court. And it depends on how it's handled. He's got the gun to our heads, he says. Go ahead. You want me to pack the court approve any Cockney? Barrett put her on the Supreme Court. I'll do it. That's the answer he gave in his own marble mouth, Joe Biden Way.

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