Sea Hunt - It's Still Alive - Cave Diving


Off It's time for another installment of Sea Hunt. It's still alive. And today we're going back to season 2 episode 21 for cave diving cave diving Premier package on May 24th 1959 in this episode. Mike is working with a geologist George Brian who is searching for uranium in an underwater cave. George has been doing his diving with his wife Susie up until now but needs Mike helped to explore further and do more work. They're diving off the boat Olympia with its Captain pops. Mike and George hop in and swim down with her watertight geiger counter. Mike has a doubles and George's in a single tank as they approached the cave. They put the ear pieces from the geiger counter into their ear and they take out the probe Mike's off the Geiger counters chattering like magpies. All of a sudden things start to shake Mike is spinning around. George is at the cave entrance. It's an underwater landslide. When all the turbulence is over, there's a huge Rock blocking the entrance to the cave and George is trapped inside under a pile of rocks. Mike shines his light and injured signals back. Mike can't budget Iraq. So he heads back to the surface. He says he has less than an hour before Susie becomes a widow. Mike tells pops. He needs the ship-to-shore radio to call the pier and they need to bring out some big hooks to pull away the Rocks. He's talking really fast. George only has 46 minutes left now. He tells Pops that it's real bad. Now they're desperately scanning the surface for the help from the pier the boat rounds the point and gets there within 14 minutes Susie is on board in her scuba gear bag ready to help George is down to thirty minutes Suzy insists on helping Mike despite his objections. Now Mike and Susie make it to the caves entrance and struggle to get the anchors attached to the large Rock. Finally. They get them in place and Mike's ends up a flare for the boat to pull the rock the boat strains when suddenly the anchors Breakaway failure Susie is desperate trying to get into the cave. Mike is trying to calm her down and he said she has to be rough with her in the commotion Susie's air hose gets fouled and they have to Buddy breathe to the surface. Susie climbs on board the hooks won't work. She's crying pops is trying to comfort her. What will Mike do now? Here's where things really get interesting. Well, Mike just happens to have some Dynamite on board just in case you know, pop says that's kind of risky. Mike says there's no other option but like pops was in the Seabees in World War Two and says they use Gophers to carry a line through a pipe. So they concoct a plan to use a fish to thread the line off The Rock. Well, it just so happens. There's a barrel on Deck with a live fish might takes out the fish and ties a line around its tail and heads back down to the cave with the fish house and a speargun. He checks to see if George is still alive looks at his watch time is running out. He lets the fish go into the cave ties the fishing line to the heavier line and tries to log the fish back with his light like tries to grab the fish. It's too fast time for the speargun. He's got one shot takes dead aim, and our hero fish is a goner my calls in the fish pulls the line through and now has the heaving line around the rock ties the bowl and shoot a flare to the surface and Lifeboat cranks up its engine. Finally The Rock is pulled from the entrance my crushes in freeze George and brings him to the surface. Mike yells out. I got him and pop lets out a big Yahoo back on the boat. George and Susie are reunited. Mike is lounging now. They say George's leg will be okay. They're talking about the fish that saved George Susie says that were fish was Mike Nelson. As the episodes ends, they're talking about pops idea from when he was in the Navy and Pop's final line is I wasn't in the Navy. I was just the Seabees. Hm wonder what my CB friends would think of that now you might recognize George if you're of a certain age, that would be Herbert Anderson better identified with Dennis the Menace his father Henry Mitchell. Well, that was certainly not what we think of when we think about cave diving using a fresh to thread a line around Iraq is a little out there but if anyone can do it, it would be Mike Nelson on Sea Hunt. off

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