Hurricane Delta turns deadly as ravaged Louisiana cleans up aftermath


We do move on now to the aftermath of Hurricane Delta forty eight hours after slamming into Louisiana more than three, hundred, thousand customers are. Still without power homes in Lake Charles Underwater after the second hurricane to strike there in just six weeks heavy rain moving up into Tennessee and Georgia. You see right there and take a look at this a freight train derailing on flooded tracks in. Georgia leaving to a Hazmat emergency situation homes around the evacuated and the remnants of Delta are still on the move. Here's ABC. Senior meteorologist. Rob. Marciano. Tonight the remnants of Hurricane Delta wreaking havoc in the south after slamming into. Louisiana category, two hurricane at least seven reported tornadoes across the southeast first responders forming a human chain rescuing people from chest high floodwater in north Georgia heavy rain swamping parts of I seventy five this massive train derailing causing a hazmat situation and evacuation outside of Atlanta water pouring into homes residents waiting through the debris in. Louisiana three hundred thousand customers still without power tonight. Residents picking up the pieces from Delta's devastation. One hundred mile per hour winds, toppling trees, ripping roofs off homes, knocking down power lines. The North side of town was completed dark that was nothing Delta hitting Louisiana just six weeks after Hurricane Laura the two storms making landfall just twelve miles apart the white family living out of their camper power of is out for twenty seven days actually for us another still people without power from the first one. Charles residents know they have a long road to recovery feel hopeless I don't know if I'm going to. Be Able to live through. Put back together. Only to have a distorted again. All right rob joins us now just back from the Storm Zone and rob the remnants of Delta are still packing a punch far from the Gulf coast. Very much. So it's a matter of fact, the remnants of Delta will be here in. New. York City in the next thirty six hours. Take a look at where the center of this thing is is just north Georgia near Chattanooga Tennessee strong storms that you saw in this area, but the heaviest rain is up against that front. So we put the map into. Motion, you'll see the pulses of heavy rain in DC and Baltimore, and Ocean City tomorrow, and then Philadelphia's well throughout the afternoon. The heavy stuff stay south of New York until tomorrow night and then lifts into New England where some of this will be beneficial rains. But in places like New Jersey will be the heaviest, we could very well see some flooding there.

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