Do You Need a Change?


WanNa preface topic with a little bit of context I'm not talking about that on one day you feel tired or you'll feel like Kinda doing the tasks on your to do list. I'm talking about consistent days maybe even weeks where you start feeling like I don't know why I'm doing this. I'm not happy. This is not the way I wanNA live. I built a business maybe that I don't want or simply just don't enjoy I I want to recognize that these feelings are real. This is not uncommon it's very common and it doesn't make you a bad entrepreneur doesn't make you a week and this is not the time to start blaming yourself for putting yourself in this quote unquote position. First of all, it's an honor it's a privilege for you even have a business. And free to even be in this position where you making this decision. So recognized that I the next thing is that it's very easy to make really big decisions in moments like this in moments of frustration in moments of feeling down feeling low feeling really just you know fed up and tired, it's very dangerous to make big decisions like leaving your company selling your company, closing things down changing things. So the first step I would like you to take if you're in this position is actually do nothing you have to make some time put it in your calendar, see as like mandatory for Your Business and Your Life to take a few days off I recommend taking two to three days off. That is maybe bridged with a weekend. So maybe you'll be in total four or five days and when I, say off I literally mean off like you have to take a digital detox you have to shut off all notifications you have to step away from Your Business, and this is not asking you should be able to step away for your business for a couple of days we also need to step out of your current environment whether you work. From home or out of an office or whatever it is, you need to spend a few days away and this can be something as simple as just getting an AIRBNB in a location. That's maybe in nature or trying to do here is you wanNA start looking inward and not really worrying about the outward now worrying too much about what's going on the news or on off twitter you want to settle things down a little bit. We want to minimize the noise so that our thoughts can manifest so that we can have time. To think clearly. So we have time to really things in perspective when you're in the weeds. When you're in you know on the battlefield, it's really hard to focus on how to get out of the war. You know Y- bombs dropping on, you got bullets flying UNITA retreat a little bit. You need to go away for a little bit away from the violence and all the noise. I know this is a weird analogy but just hang with me here so that you can come up with a strategy you can come up with. A practical way you to resolve the issue I would call this more of a sabbatical than a vacation. This is a chance for you to really work on yourself a little bit This could be maybe an exercise retrea or some sort of meditation or tree. It could be even just you going out again getting an AIRBNB somewhere in nature out in the woods or by the beach and just having you know a fresh food and medicine time just read and have a chance to just like be with yourself without having to have any distractions any noise of the business this is a chance for you. To step away from things. So if there are other obligations, you have I really recommend trying to do by yourself. So you have kids try to like see if you can get you know the parents to to to take a look at them or take care of them for a bit or a family friend or something you know I would recommend would be going You have to be alone you can with your significant other or maybe a friend were you can actually have some discussions and just have some moments of peace and the point here. Is that you don't have any other obligations to do anything other than focus on yourself. This is the first step. You just need some time away because sometimes we just need that we need a little perspective need a timeout. We need some things to kind of pass a little bit and we come back maybe feeling you know it's not that bad This is just a bump in the road. I just need to change a few things in his change a few habits that I'm making I'm maybe doing too much need to hire for this position. I can fix this situation This often is all you need to do because it just you know that time away makes you think of solutions allows you to think, Hey, what I really don't like about the situation what are they don't like about my business right now Why don't we just hire out for that? Why don't I change my involvement in that? I know people that have made the decision instead of selling your business or giving it up just hiring a different. CEO Saying I'm hiring somebody replace myself I still own the business so make the money but I want to be involved that much I'm just going to be the chairman of the board I'll be part of the decision making I'll be owner founder but I don't want to deal the day to day maybe that's an extreme step or maybe something you can't afford right now but. You get the point there. Some things you can change nothing is not solvable. You can always solve especially in established business that's growing. That's maybe generating revenue. These are all positive. You don't WanNa Kinda just throw the baby out with the bathwater but what can happen is after your sabbatical, you come to the conclusion that it's time to move on You may be had your full of this opportunity of this challenge maybe enough ild anymore maybe you changed over the years and you're just not. Feeling it, and that's not necessarily a bad thing. Now, you know now you have a plan of action. Now, you just need to plan how you going to transition how you going to give. Are you going to sell the business to somebody? Or you again to step away and have somebody run it the day to day, and you just be the owner and you work on some other things with your time. These are all great options. But the one thing I do recommend is if you are going to change if you're are gonNA leave and stop doing what you're doing you better have something else you're going to be doing there's nothing to prepare you for the challenge of leaving something and having nothing to do a lot of people talk about this but if you ever sell your visit. Out Your Business Changed Management and you work on something else they'll be a gap. They'll be something that you miss the sense of purpose, a lot of your you know significance in who you are as a person is intertwined with your relationship with the business. So it's always good to make sure grab onto another vine before you let go veal vines. Have some sort of plan even if I'm GONNA, write a book I'm going to start a new blog I'm going to. Be Like I'M GONNA throw my money on my time and my energy. But you should have some sort of starting point. Some sort of thing I'm going to do I'm going to get into this new thing I take some classes I'm gonNA. Learn had to do some woodworking because I'm going to be a star furniture business whatever the you want to land safely onto something.

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