Ah, It is not happening. There is no song with Nicki Minaj that Collab is not happy,


Big. We gotta clear up some rumors that we know the ladies have had a complicated past. I mean, you even we remember they were super vocal about not liking each other. I could not believe how humiliated at all fouled how you say that I was the while. Animal that I affect you That you was mortified that you was humiliated playing the victim, But not yet against that. You need to pick a side. Do you want to be the victim? Or do you want to be the gangster? You lie so much you gave and keep up with your eyes and that that would not then have a nice conversation with a piece of thinking about it was thinking, like hurt them are something like that. You know, we can't even get them together, though. Are you giving their sides after they had a fight at a fashion event s So it was pretty surprising when we heard the rumor that Oh, my gosh, Nicki, Minaj and Cardi B. Have this track coming. They're going to collab together. People really took one tweet from Cardy and Went running with it. At one point, she sent out this tweet that said, Since you're mad, I'm going to give you something to be mad about the next single and collab going to make you sick Since you hear Now this all of a sudden made people go. She's working with Nikki. That's what it is. We're going to be bad because she's working with Nicki because that's the last person we think she would work with. And I mean, obviously she never said Nicki's name. I don't know what's going on. But someone close to cardio someone in her camp has said Ah, It is not happening. There is no song with Nicki Minaj that Collab is not happy, but they did say there is no beef, but there's still no song together. So I mean, I'm glad that there's still no beef. I honestly think very much moved. I want to think that they would have moved past six. Since it is not. Beef is not like actual beef. You know, it's not like being served up. You know what I'm saying? This beef is in the refrigerator or whatever you want, where you want to put it, but it still beats. You know, the saying is definitely not a ma'am or anything, You know. They got beef verities. They got a little sub salt. But if you're looking for that thing that single don't don't hold your breath. All right. For more neighborhood news going around 82 3 dot com and I didn't tell you for us

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