Biden Has 11-Point Lead Over Trump

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Joe Biden hold an eleven percentage point lead over president trump nationally according to a new Wall Street Journal NBC News Poll. He has a fifty three percent to forty two percent edge. The poll was taken after the president's in one thousand, nine hospitalization the televised debate, as well as judge Amy Barrett's nomination to the Supreme Court for a closer look at the numbers and the remaining days of the campaign were joined by national politics reporter Elisa Collins Hi, Elisa Hi there. So let's first talk about the poll itself. A double digit lead for Biden is it to be taken at face value what what does this lead show? Well, this lead shows that Biden is ahead by Donald trump by a lot. And he has been for a long time. The cause for concern for the president here is that in the last poll we took, which was immediately after the debate Biden's lead actually expanded to fourteen percentage point, which was the weakest showing the president had had yet. The president has gained back a bit. Now he is eleven points behind Biden, but that is still larger than he was in September. So following tumultuous few weeks for the President, he got krona virus, he was hospitalized. He had a debate performance that was criticized by Democrats and Republicans he's had a hard time coming back to even where he was in September even if he's showed a little bit of improvement over immediately following the debate.

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