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Year for Julissa list of the 10 most valuable e Sports organizations, they attach a massive nine-figure some to 10 works as well as some added information and every year, it causes controversy home. Mostly because of how the numbers are sourced basically Christina submitted the author of the article talks to a bunch of investors and team owners and they provide numbers while there is some viewing of these numbers with a critical lens not nearly took his done to outright trust the numbers as a true valuation first. Let's look at what the list said then some of the issues that came with it TSM is on top of the list with the valuation of 410 million dollars wage. Then follows T9 previously on top now in second with a valuation of 350 Mill third is liquid with 310 Mill 4th is FaZe Clan with 305 V is 100 thieves with a hundred ninety-six Genji. 185 7th Enthusiast gaming or Luminosity 188 G to 165 9th and RG 155,000 10th T1 at 150 million. So there's the list here's what people had to say Jacob Wolfe the former ESPN reporter who got in a public spat on Twitter with the author a few months ago said quote unrelated to pass beef with Christina. We've talked civilly sense, but guess the Forbes published valuations are insanely inflated, but it's not her or Forbes fault frankly am a sharing valuations similar to her estimates to investors. She's not shooting in the dark and quote often. The critiques of this article are leveled at Forbes and they do share some of the brunt the wolf, Mexico. It is not Christine as fault, but the orgs themselves for these valuations in addition Esports orgs valuations are inflated as wolf says these orders are being valued at ten to twelve times revenue for every month besides Enthusiast gaming on this list. That's much higher than a normal valuation. Here's what Adam Fitch now business content lead for dexterity do had to say quote. It's only LinkedIn grifters and phony Executives. You share Forbes Esports pieces until the valuations come around each year. So why are people putting stock in this list now as it forms as credible and respected in our industry any other time it's harsh but he's not wrong. You don't see a ton of forums articles shared around the year. It's mostly this one that people turn to and it's not just journalists critiquing this list either because the data comes from investor conversations and team owners the people in charge of teams who don't inflate their valuations get left off the list one extremely notable Omission. This year was Envy gaming Adam Rimer the new CEO of Envy gaming as of last summer. This on his LinkedIn quote. This Forbes analysis is utter garbage to be clear. This is not a criticism of the organizations mentioned all of whom deserve to be there. I have friends at all of them and have a great respect for what they're doing across the board, but in full transparency, this is a complete drive by cursory analysis, which is led me to question the entire valuation slash editorial capability of four years as a former valuation consultant determining Equity value for private companies is by definition a huge challenge one, which is made even more difficult without considering all facets of the company estimated revenues. No accounting for burn rates. No interest in new initiatives since the last edition of this article where we place number eight. We have increased revenues added post Malone to the ownership group added our Call of Duty team which one the first CDL championship and expanded our audience base considerably. None of this was apparently relevant to this study to even be mentioned based on the companies mentioned one would think it was purely birth. So which organizations would give them the biggest article reach which to be fair is certainly a contributor to value in. My honest opinion. This list has become a disservice to the entire industry. He add additional comment for more context which said quote we did provide Forbes with requested information and stats as we have in each of the last three years when we learned of their changed methodology for this year's list, which would strongly disagree with we opted to stop sharing additional context. He doesn't say this explicitly but it seems to be that he thinks that's the reason why they were left off this list. It's really the only thing that makes sense because there's no reason and we should have dropped value from last year after what was by all accounts. One of the most successful years in the Brand's history unless of course, the numbers aren't rooted in actual analysis, but an unsubstantiated responses from various sources, if we disagree with their methodology, they might have chosen not to put them on the list which again calls into question the entire validity of the list in many ways the forms value age. Should list is much like news numbers. It is the best accumulation of data for a given sub segments of the E Sports industry that we have but people in the industry know to take the numbers with another soul to put the Red Sea to

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