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In. La three big. One obviously didn't work out the way. I expected but also good reasons. Definitely everything works out the way that it's meant to and with that energy towards someone else to give i would say that's pretty romantic moving to a different country for someone not so bad. Did you learn anything surprise. You either matches really cool getting to know each of you. I think we both sound like lovely people excited to more the time that we have you. Well then let's learn some more. Let's keep this thing moving holler. Things are getting serious. So now it's time to turn up the heat for your one on one with each data you're going to be playing truths and ally and each match will present to truths and one lie about their past dating history. You only have one guest to pick the lie. so choose. wisely polar. We're going to start with lila's kendra. We're going to put you into the waiting room and we'll bring you back when it's your turn. Okay sounds good. All right lila. Let's hear your truth ally. So i used to be swingers one. I once had an ex boyfriend. Tuck and roll out of my car during an argument. Everything's fine. But yes. And then i broke off an engagement about a week. After getting the rink those are juicy. Oh my god polar good luck. Which one do you think is. Wow those are all tough to choose frommatt. Because they're also using. It's been a wild ride. I hope that the second one is not true. Just for the sake of your ex boyfriend safety of jumping out of a car. I wish i could tell you. It wasn't true but it is. Yeah it's fine. he's fine. It was in the middle of the night. Nobody was on the road. He's just really drama. Wow very draw. So there's two options left which one is actually the lie. The engagement is the lie actually. Okay so congratulations on being swing. Thanks great time that was during the open relationship ordeal. That was the only relationship i actually was in and it was opened in with other people. So that's interesting All right lila. We're actually going to put you into the waiting room. Now and bring you back in a little bit cool. Welcome back kendra. It's your turn for your one on one so if you want to go ahead and give us the truth in life okay. My ex broke up with me when i was on a cruise with his family. My ex gifted me a puppy. And then i never heard from him again and i ended the perfect date because he had a foot fetish. Wow okay polar take your shot. Which one is the lie. Oh my goodness sorry. If any of those they will happen to you. I'm sorry well one's ally. So i hope pick the right one. I hope that the one on the cruise ship is alive. Because that's really not cool. That's serving which one is. You are right okay. Thank goodness well. I'm glad do you still have the puppy i still. I still a puppy. He's been the best little companion to something. Good came out of that. that's great absolutely. Can i ask how that happened. Actually like how did he give you a puppy and then just disappear. you know. it's as bad as it sounds. I had vaguely mentioned that. I wanted like a cute little white dog and we had been dating for about seven months again extremely emotionally maybe unstable bit so i think it was just his way of like giving me kind of Pity gift so he didn't have to break up with me in person. I honestly i don't know well. Good riddance i'm happy. You have the puppy because everyone loves a poppy. Honestly treat you better anyway. He has for sure. I'm happy to hear that. Thank you okay kendra. We're actually going to put you into the waiting room just for a second so i can chat with paul permanent. Okay sounds good paula. what did you think of. Everyone's answers was history. Sounds really interesting. It's just definitely a great conversation. Starters and kendrick experiences as saturday is like something good came out of each of them which was great options and a good place. She sounds like she is which also well as we like to say. Romance is in the air. Love is on the line and it. All boils down to our bachelor's vic decision. Welcome back everybody. All right pollard. Now that we have our matches back the time has come. You have to really great girls here. So i know it's going to be a tough decision for you. But with all that being said who is it gonna be kendra or lila. Gosh i love. I just sort of say. Please take any offense. I have to choose but you both sound sore lovely. I would love to meet both of you. But given the circumstances i think gonna go with lyla okay kendra. Do you mind turning your camera on for us just so we can say hello and thank you for coming on the show. Thank you for having me. Hi paula debate. You guys nice to meet you. Kind of sorta thank you so much for being here kendra. It was so great. Getting to know you and i wish you the best of luck awesome. Thank you so much. We're gonna have lila go into the waiting room. Before our big reveal go power. Tell me about kendra. What did she look like after seeing her face. Finally i feel like she definitely looks how she sounds but she sounded very polite and she the asian woman with dark hair really great skin. Great kind smile. But yeah i think what was behind was just a blank wall so i can really tell much of a character a living situation so i'm curious if that she was doing that on purpose in trying to hide something what she what you expected based off of her voice. Oh my gosh. It's hard to put a face to what someone sounds like. But no i wasn't second mad at all. Yeah it's so fun to try and put that image to the voice absolutely now that you've seen her. Do you have any regrets of nor live my life with regrets so i try not to anyway. I'm pretty confident in my choice. So we're gonna bring back into the room so you guys can meet face to face. Welcome back lila. Pry and now the moment we've all been waiting for. It's time for you to turn your cameras on so you can see each other for the first time

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