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You with michael rosenbaum and ryan's here. I great episode last week. Thanks for listening if you didn't listen to it You know it's it's one of those episodes. That's just so damned i. I really think it's amazing. I've gotten so many in fact. Jason isaacs who. That interview is gonna come early next year. You know lucius malfoy and the patriot is the bad guy and great actor within sweet november. He said i just love the. I'm not gonna do an english accent. I just love the episode. Tim moments in selma blab was just. It really was touching and So if you haven't listened to his last week's episode. Go back to that. When i think it really dig it and Yeah it's nice when you episode that you know touches people in a in a certain way. Yeah so that was cool and kudos to of course ryan my amazing editor for putting it together. You know it was moving to watch again. Well actually let me. Because i sit over here and i can't see what they look like and i can just hear it but it's sort of like yeah it's a it's a new experience getting to see what they look like and how it's being delivered. Yeah so real. Big real quickly. A big shoutout guys came to my concert band son spin. We played on stage at which we do last saturday of every month two pm. Six pm shows pacific standard time. It was a packed crowd. It was great. We did zooms. We played music and the big winners gil shutout here it is claudy newman. Top bidder team road flask and shannon haberman shannon and clotting. Thank you guys so much for sporting the music supporting the music supporting the podcast and also a very big shout. Because i didn't. I forgot to give a shout out to this person who had one top bidder for the stage. It's a couple of weeks ago. And that's leeann leeann leeann pritchett Is that a big enough shutout for you. Thank you so much. Clap hands clap hands. Yeah a mommy's just clap. Clap hands till daddy comes home. Daddy has money and mommy has none. That's what she's saying and then she used to say. Do you want your real mother to come. And i'll leave. I mean we don't have to get into the psychology of that. I want everybody to know that when you go to inside you store and you get like wine glasses or shirts or whatever on the inside of you online store ibox all that shit up and my patrons who are in the top tiers they get merch every three months so i pack a box of goodies and everybody a little note personalized in a little something extra this time but i freaking packed. Thirty boxes envelopes. I mean hours. I want you to know how

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