Best tech gift for under $70

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Yesterday we talked gifts under fifty dollars. Today we're going all the way up to seventy bucks. And what i think everybody in twenty twenty once lighting to make themselves look better on zoom call will the folks that loomed cube have what it calls the video conference for remote workers. It's a little. Led lights that snaps in the back of your laptop to illuminate you during your calls and does a pretty nice job in a lot of people were buying ring lights for this purpose earlier in the year but frankly i never found one that look decent this one. Does it has a diffuser to soften the light and a toggle switch to with just the intensity of the light now. let's face it. Many people are in the dark. They're sitting in front of a window. The looked like a silhouette they need. Lighting lighting really helps now. This light has a rechargeable battery that answers to usb c which i love because while it's attached to the back of my laptop the charging cable is dangling from it and i can plug it into my laptop to recharge now. The company says the battery itself can go for fourteen hours. Loom cube is a company based in san diego. I encountered a few years ago with its first product. A little cube lights that fit atop cameras and provided some well-needed illumination. However it's the zoom light. It's clearly the product that will put it on the map.

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