A highlight from Episode 159: Close By



And it all starts back around. Nineteen ten when construction began on grand central terminal at the same time. They built the power plant that supplied energy to the terminal and the surrounding tracks complete with its own set of tracks in a platform so that cargo trains could carry the plant's waste away but in one thousand nine thirty. The plant was torn down and a hotel was built on the same spot. It was a clean start with everything built from scratch. Well except for one thing. They left the tracks and the platform underground and even connected it to the hotel. By way of an elevator and beginning with franklin delano roosevelt american presidents have used the secret train station hidden away beneath the iconic world war for story. Ah there's something powerful about buried secrets from the legends of pirate treasure beneath the sands of some tropical island to the academic work of tireless archaeologists. The idea that things can be hidden beneath our feet has never been accused dispute countless hollywood adventure films stand as a testament to that but it goes beyond secret. Train stations and forgotten public works tunnels over. The centuries humans have learned to use the underground like a tool hiding away more than just treasure from bodies to bunkers. We've been putting reminders of our own failures and mistakes into the ground hoping that out of sight can truly be out of mind. Sometimes those things are hidden far away from prying eyes. Never see the light of day again every now and then though someone with a shovel digs in just the right place and forgotten. History has uncovered exposing story to the world that paints a tragic and sinister picture of all the locations with a buried past few can hold a candle to the dark history of one

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