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Bill Barnwell. It is late Sunday night almost midnight, which means it's time for you to make me smarter about the NFL. I'm going to try my best Baba Bill. Barnwell is a senior writer for ESPN host of the Bill Barnwell show and he's procrastinating his deadline to talk to me. So we just watched the saints and the packers on Sunday night football and the saints lost without. Their Star Receiver Michael Thomas. But that did not stop us from getting a whole bunch of touchdowns drew brees and Aaron Rodgers. Each threw for three a piece. But in the end, the packers won the saints lost and they've now lost New Orleans says back to back games for the first time since two thousand, seventeen bill I know you are writing a new piece about drew brees coming off of the two year deal that drew brees signed in the offseason and what we've now seen from him through these first three weeks what did you see in Sunday night's games he regressing improving? What do we have with bruise right now? Okay. So public drew brees definitely improving this is a better performance from him. Me brees was downright bad on Monday night in week two against the raiders before we got to garbage time and breeze didn't do deep very frequently until this game was out of hand but I think the concerns i. have read or have heard about arm strength or how deep is passes typically go they don't really get how reason this offense actually worked. Breezes sort of like. A singles hitter in baseball like Tony Gwynn lagging time where a post player with no range in basketball he's not going to suddenly start throwing deeply. He's Patrick Mahomes at forty one years old breeze has succeeded. Over the last three years while throwing the shortest paths in the League because he's posted the three best single season completion. In NFL history. Now. The good news for the Saints Good News For Saints Fans is that brees was much more accurate on Sunday night it was twenty, nine, thirty, six for two, hundred, eighty, eight yards a lot of that West Alvin Kamara who did a lot of the work but still going to end up thirty six is still better than where brees was. The bad news was just about everything else. The Saints Lost Starters Jared Cook and Andres P to injuries while devante. Adams List Aaron Rodgers threw for two hundred, eighty, three yards and those three touchdowns you mentioned. The saints focused on adding veterans with nicknames Emmanuel Sanders and balcony. Jenkins this off season. But. Sanders hasn't been able to stand out with ankle Thomas Injured and Jenkins has been picked apart in pass coverage including Mercedes Lewis touchdown on Sunday night the attorney for more accurate breeze that was a bright spot. But if the saints continue to struggle with injuries and get disappointing play from their stars, the Orleans is going to need this version of free stick around to have a chance to compete in the NFC. So the packers emerged three no, and that's where a lot of focus the rest of our conversation here on the teams that are now undefeated through three weeks of the NFL season. So bill, let's push deeper into the NFC here because the Chicago Bears Be Chicago bears are somehow three you know and they do it by beating the Falcons thirty to twenty six Chicago was trailing by sixteen head coach. Matt Nagy Decides to pull quarterback Mitch Trubisky in favor of the veteran nick foles mister big bleep nick himself who goes on to throw three touchdown passes in the fourth quarter. So I have a two part question for you now. Why are the Falcons physically incapable of holding onto a fourth quarter lead and? Secondly, where does this leave the whole quarterback situation in Chicago? Let me answer the second part of that question I. The bears are going to flail by the seat of their pants for the rest of the season I would assume that nick foles is going to start until he struggles and the bears trailing by two touchdowns in the fourth quarter a couple weeks from now, I would point Mitch Trubisky will come in and lead them to victory and the cycle will start the new. Unfortunately I don't have one simple takeaway for our poor friends and Atlantic. Is Different From what we saw in week to as. Much. As the defense was disappointing in this game, the offense really deserves a fair chunk of the blame for what happened scored a touchdown on the opening drive third quarter, and then basically tried to sit on their lead, Matt Ryan and company REPA- total three first downs on their next six is before the bears took the lead back and the only scored one field goal over that time after bisky intercession back running back Brian L. dropped an easy third down conversion which would have put the Falcons and field goal range. Then on the next drive kicker, young coup miss a forty eight yard field goal attempt. I know. I mean let's be fair. The Falcons defense was very bad. I'm not sure the Falcons are gonNA make any drastic changes on Monday morning, but Arthur blank can feel great about seeing this happen. On his seventy eighth birthday and. I believe I'm not mistaken not the only person celebrating birthday on Sunday. Having Birthday Pamela. Day Pablo. Yeah this is a hard way to discover that you share a birthday with the owner of the Atlanta Falcons Bill, which feels like you just cast a pox upon my house.

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