Episode 147 - Mike Glover

Cleared Hot


Ladies and gentlemen. Let's get ready to get into this. This episode does not suck. We cover quite a few topics but before we get into it on the business side of the House, this episode is brought to you by templar medical and I actually can't think they better fit. Given today's guest and the topics that we are discussing. We talk a lot about violence and the reality is hard and fast reality is. That there will always be people who are adverse to violence and that's okay because to me, it's not about being a good fighter or a lead slinger over you WanNa, define it which you need to be as value add some people are capable of causing damage, but everybody needs to be capable and have the skills to provide medical care. Even those of you who are very capable of causing damage. Enter Enter and tour templar medical, which is a veteran owned organization located in Virginia Beach Virginia. They are an NA EMT authorized training center they provide private and open enrollment training opportunities for civilians law enforcement medical personnel in the military falling to the C O t triple procedures and approved adjuncts, which are t q s. Specifically what I WANNA talk to you about. Is One of their products, and this product is actually in my vehicle and on my gun belt, it is a med kit and this particular medical kit is in partnership with North, American rescue. An awesome organization when it comes to in the field medicine is going to come in a vacuum sealed bag and it is essentially A. Individual I don't WanNa see a one time. It is a one time use, but it's for individuals on scene and it's full of Qasr some chess seals compression gauze or pressed God's ace bandages Nasal Fair Gio in probably one of the most important things gloves because before you touch anybody who was bleeding, I cannot stress enough the need to protect yourself. I don't care what it is that you believe in or don't believe in bloodborne pathogen virus. It's very, very real. I love these kits I carry them with me like I said in my car I think emit almost a half a dozen incidents at this point in my life where have come up and have been in a situation where I needed to be a first responder. I grab a kit, ripped it open gloved up and went to work and like I said I have one on my pistol belt because there is a bag that they come in and then the Med kit refilled it is inside of it the bad couldn't be easier. It has basically a woven system that holds it together. You poll a handle made out of easy to Gra beads whether or not you're in a glove you have just your skin of your hands whether you're hot cold sweaty blood on your hands whatever it may be one time poll it comes out in the medical kit is right there for you. I cannot stress enough how important is to be value add. The difference between somebody, or? Dying. Could potentially rest in your hands and that is something that you should take very seriously. Another. Thing to consider sometimes one kit is enough like I said, I have multiple in my car in one on me on my gun belt. That is a minimum starting point what I recommend you do what I want you to do. is to go to templar medical training, DOT COM and templar is spelled T. e. m. p.. L. A. R. and then medical training. All Smash Together normal spelling those two words. and. Check out their site I highly recommend you check out their MC MED kit. Put them in your car. Put Your purse put him on your gun belt. Put them wherever you think they would be easy to access. So you can be evaluated regardless of the situation around you and they are going to give you fifteen percent off for customers who use the code cleared hot fifteen of the way I'm looking at this is capital C. Capital H., and then the numbers one five, that's all smashed into one word cleared hot fifteen templar medical training dot com check them out. This episode is also brought

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