Why a private section of the border wall is allegedly failing


By Iraq war veteran Bryan Cole Fatchett, triple amputee. They wanted to raise a billion dollars to quote build Trump's wall. The targeted mission Texas in the Rio Grande Valley, one of the busiest illegal border crossing areas in the country, all on the border. We're here building. You gotta help out. They had started producing the video's promoting this project and they were on the property. They started clearing the property before anyone really knew what was going on The company Clearing the riverbank to build the private wall was Fisher Sand and Gravel. Tommy Fisher, the company's CEO, had been trying and failing to land a lucrative border wall contract from the government. Since 2017. When the Trump administration began soliciting Wall design concepts. Fisher was one of the companies to put up a prototype. Officials of the Department of Homeland Security said it had design flaws. A second bid was also rejected. Frustrated Tommy Fisher took another approach. We really believe with our patent pending system, we could bring sexy. Back to construction. He became a fixture on Fox News, the president's favorite network at the time, people time sounding less like a contractor and more like a contestant on a reality show pandering to an audience of one, You know, hopefully the president will see this as well. And he's a guy who says he can cut through bureaucracy two weeks after that appearance on Fox In April of 2019. I don't know if you heard about this contractor that said he could build the whole wall for a lot cheaper than anybody else. Yes, I have. We're dealing with him. Actually, Fisher Comes from North Dakota. Recommended strongly by a great new senator. As you know, Kevin Cramer, by May of 2019 Tommy Fisher had the president's attention but still couldn't land a contract to build the government's wall. The Army Corps of Engineers, which oversees border wall construction, pointed to the company's lack of experience building border walls to prove they could fissure teamed up with we build the wall. First in New Mexico and later here on the banks of the Rio Grande admission. On the banks of any rivers difficult. But building on the raging Rio Grande is especially challenging, made more complicated because the U. S Mexico border but straight down the middle of it. So any plans to build on it must be approved by the International boundary and Water Commission for I, B. W C. Sand and gravel didn't get that approval before they started. Bulldozes. What steps did they skip? All of them. What should they have done? They should have gone to the I B W c to the A and presented their plan an actual plan. What about this idea that you know this is private money being used on private land and a landowner could do whatever he wants. They absolutely can do whatever they want on their property. As long as it doesn't affect other people's property. And you think the wall infringes on other clearly does. The way the bollards were built is gonna cause clogging of that wall, So those followed the trash or debris could get stuck in there and then the waters. It's a giant break, just like a rake in your yard. It's going to catch all that debris and redirect that water. Penna filed a lawsuit on behalf of a neighboring wildlife refuge called the National Butterfly Center, which feared the wall would cause flooding to its property. U. S government also suit on behalf of the I. B. W C. Good walls make good neighbours. But this wall did not. We've got rogue priest running around anti Trump anti Won't we build the walls? Bryan Cole fragile, launched attacks against anyone who opposed their wall. Falsely saying the national Butterfly Centre was the site of a rampant sex trade and that the Army Corps of Engineers was part of the deep state even took game and Father Royce Nights a local priest to oppose the Trump wall. Accusing him of promoting child trafficking. Also not true. We build the wall people came after you personally and that's something I didn't even know who they were. They're coming after the local priest. Yeah, I guess you're not from around here comes from around here. We can. Even Mom and Dad can disagree about things without being mean and nasty. Last December, Brian Colfax bragged in an interview that we build the wall had a direct line to the White House. We have Crispo back and Steve Bannon A lot of people that are tied in with the Trump administration, so we're able to back channel things to the Trump Administration and let them know what we're doing, But what they were doing was falling apart. A recent engineering inspection after summer storms revealed deep gashes under the foundation of the wall. That's Mariana Trevino, right, who runs the Butterfly center line underneath it. This was a normal seasonal rainfall and what happened to the wall the foundation washed out from under enormous sections of it, His attorney said after this, that this is just a normal part of new construction if you walked out of your new house And had a 30 FT hole under your home foundation. Would you consider that normal? There's the end of the hall right

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