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Abbott is doing is nothing short of voter suppression Abit ordering that there be only one prop off location for mail in ballots per county. That means in large counties like Harris County, which is a Democratic stronghold and is bigger than the size of Rhode Island, residents could have long drives to the one drop off location in the county in that single location may be overwhelmed. Harris County has a dozen sites already accepting ballots but will now be limited to one Abbott says it's needed for election security, Democrats argue Still limit votes like Stone ABC name. The House is expected to vote tonight on a new covert 19 economic relief bill. But the $2.2 trillion package is far more than Republicans and the White House Watch Speaker Nancy Pelosi had I think constructive conversations a secretary Mnuchin and I, but they have not. But they're not finished. I'm hopeful, but we do come at it from two different place. White House press secretary Kayleigh Mcenany says they've raised their offered a 1.6 trillion. The Trump campaign is moving one of the president's Wisconsin rallies this weekend. The mayor of lacrosse, Tim Cabot, Says the trunk team probably wouldn't get a permit with covert cases surging in the Senate, pissing myself through the media coverage of these campaign rallies around the country and seeing You know, very little social Distancing Very little mask wearing Ed me greatly concerns. That rally will now be held Saturday in Janesville, followed by one in Green Bay, which has one of the nation's worst infection rates. Thousands of Boston public School students return to Class today and not a moment too soon for seven year old excited to be back in school. Tell me why my friends in the city is moving to a hybrid model with kids in school

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